Getting Backyard Ready: Eat Drink Spring 2016 reminds us how to indulge outdoors

We have so many plans for the backyard this summer, and I can’t believe it’s already May 3! It’s time to hustle people! This spring has been quite a drag, and I’m finding it really hard to get in the groove.
My husband plans to build a pergola, and I want to create an outdoor living space where we actually have a chance to enjoy! We still have to plant the garden and I need to get my herbs ready!

Every year, I host an annual BBQ in May, where my dad roasts a pig on a spit and I invite everyone under the sun for some food, drinks and family time. The end of May is the perfect time to get all the plants in the garden, it’s my moms birthday and everyone comes down for the Glebe garage sale. We’ve been doing this for 6 years now. The annual BBQ has become somewhat of a tradition.

My family cooks a lot, and sometimes we tend to be creatures of habit and prepare the same old foods on the grill.Don’t get me wrong, I am all about exploring new ways of preparing and eating food, my folks… not so much. It’s more traditional and “don’t-mess-with-the-recipe” kind of cooking at their house.

Finding Foodie and Backyard Inspiration 

To get me out of my rut, I usually need something to inspire me! Where do you find your foodie inspiration? Whether it’s watching the food network, flipping through a sexy cookbook at Chapters, or pinning your favourite recipes on Pinterest, it’s clear that we all need to draw inspiration from one source or another. Me, I’m a hands-on learner. I like draw my inspiration from things that I can taste and watch being prepared in real life.

This season, there is no better place for me to get inspired, than the 3rd annual Eat Drink Spring 2016 foodie event in Ottawa. This is actually the sister show to the Ottawa Food and Wine Festival! On May 13-14, you’ll have the chance to taste food, sample over 100 wines and get backyard inspired, just in time for BBQ season! This outdoor event brings together all the besAndrew Pike, resident Décor Expert The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV, Eat Drink Spring Ottawa 2016t wines for Spring and Summer, Artisinal Cocktails, Craft Beers, and even a Battle of the BBQ in support of The Mission. There will be a food Circus under the Big Top, FREE Bottle Camp, Pati-Oh Canada, BBQ School, and non-stop outdoor entertainment all day long.

I think what I am looking forward to the most is learning how to pack the perfect picnic and make drinks using the herbs in my garden. This is all happening at Pati-Oh Canada

BONUS- Andrew Pike, resident Décor Expert on CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show, will be there to talk about patio and entertaining tips!

Isn’t it amazing when things aline perfectly! I can get all my tips and inspiration ready in time to do up my garden the week after, just before my party!

Admission is $20
For more details about the event, check their Facebook event page.

So, apparently you can bike or CANOE down to the event at City Hall. I would love to arrive in style in my husband’s canoe! Can you imagine? (I think I might make this happen!)

Eat Drink Spring Ottawa 2016 Schedule

Ottawa Wine Food Show Eat Drink Spring 2016 Ottawa Fashion Blog
I had to share this behind-the-scenes shot of Victor tampering with my shoot. Look at those hands though. He totally gobbled up the strawberries and orange when I was done!
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Ottawa Fashion Bloggers flaunt designer Spring looks with Nordstrom’s local influencer campaign

Have you seen them? #NordstromOTT has been blasting photos all over social media, and we, 7 Ottawa Fashion Bloggers, were lucky to take part it in all!

Who are this year’s Ottawa Fashion Bloggers rocking Nordstrom Spring Style?

  1. Aya Hamed
  2. Carolynn Lacasse
  3. Alyssa Beltempo
  4. Erin Elizabeth
  5. Katrina Turnbull
  6. me!
  7. Katherine Tran

A few cold weeks ago, Nordstrom Ottawa organized a lovely Sunday morning complete with food, fashion, a flower wall and lots of photos! They greeted us with open arms, fed our bellys until we were full, beautified our faces and graciously draped us in the most wonderful clothes and accessories. Even though I did not get to keep my outfit, the chance to walk around and say “pass me those Karen Walker sunglasses” and “oh, that Chloe bag will work” and “I’ll get those Manolos in a size 9 please”… was enough of a remarkable experience.

I love when brands go the extra mile to make you feel special. My dressing room had everything waiting for me, and all in my size! Can you image? I had a quick chat with my stylist and BAM! it was gorgeously laid out for me with matching shoes too! A girly-girl’s dream come true!

I hope you enjoy the pics filled with #SpringStyle! I encourage you to check out Nordstrom Ottawa’s Instagram account for more!


Ottawa Fashion Blog Curvy Style Blogger Nordstrom Lookbook Chantsy Mode XLusive Ottawa foodie influencer
Bloggers being bloggers- put pretty food in front of us and we get excited to snap it up before we eat it up!

#NordstromOtt Bazille Restaurant Nordstrom Ottawa Brunch Rideau Centre Ottawa Fashion Blog

Ottawa Fashion Blog Chantal Sarkisian Curvy Style Blogger Nordstrom Lookbook Chantsy Mode XLusive Ottawa influencer
These Karen Walker sunglasses were my life!
Ottawa Fashion Blog Curvy Style Blogger Nordstrom Lookbook Chantsy Mode XLusive Ottawa Designer Shopping influencer
White Lafayette dress with grey Chloe bag
Ottawa Fashion Blog Curvy Style Blogger Nordstrom Lookbook Chantsy Mode XLusive Ottawa influencer Romper
I had to leave with this romper! And the black lace underneath is actually a Free People sports bra!

Ottawa Fashion Blog Curvy Style Blogger Nordstrom Lookbook Chantsy Mode XLusive Ottawa influencers  Ottawa Fashion Blog Curvy Style Blogger Nordstrom Lookbook Chantsy Mode XLusive Ottawa influencer Flower wall

Nordstrom Ottawa Brunch Rideau Centre Ottawa Fashion Blog Designer Bag Chloe Manolo Karen Walker Nordstrom Ottawa Brunch Rideau Centre Ottawa Fashion Blog Yellow Manolo flats Flower wallNordstrom Ottawa Brunch Rideau Centre Ottawa Fashion Blog Black sandalsNordstrom Ottawa Brunch Rideau Centre Ottawa Fashion Blog Flower Wall

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Ottawa Elite Club: A private dinner with Jessica Mulroney by Metro Ontario

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a top secret event, held at the Museum of Nature. All I knew was that Metro Ontario was sponsoring a dinner and Jessica Mulroney was the guest of honour. The event photographer, Katherine Holland was gracious enough to send her photos for me to share!

I was greeted with smiling faces and offered a glass of bubbly as soon as I got to the cocktail area in the cave at the museum. Right away, I knew I was in good hands. Then, I do a double take… Is that Rachel Zane  Maghan Markle I see by the dinosaurs? It can’t be! It was 🙂

You all know that I am a huge fan of Rachel Zane’s corporate wear and have even made reference to her style in my post “What’s a Capsule Wardrobe and Why you Need One?“. Meghan was very sweet and patient with my embarrassing fan girl moment. I get so shot up with nerves that my instinct is to cry… Control yourself woman! I need to get better at meeting famous people if I am going to be in the biz (plant seed here). Luckily, I worked up the courage to introduce myself to Jessica at the end of the night and also managed to snap a quick picture!

Metro Ontario sponsored the elegant meal prepared by the chefs from the Westin Hotel. The dinner was lovely, and I am sad that I don’t remember now how everything tasted. I just remember that everything was decadent, delectable and delicious! I admire Metro’s commitment to supporting the community and look forward to seeing the impact of the changes brought on by their new corporate direction. Listen up people- Metro is reinventing themselves, and they are here to stay!

Before I forget, I know most of you were curious to see what was waiting for me at home in this lovely box…

Well, it was a sweet surprise alright! I already started digging into the chocolate cherry mix… OMG! Do these folks know that I am on Weight Watchers??? hahaha #Donttellmytrainer

Metro Ontario chocolate and cookies Irresistibles line Chantal Sarkisian Ottawa Fashion Blog


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Delta Ottawa’s Lift Lounge offers a ‘True Canadian Experience’

Canadian fare is more than just peameal bacon and poutine. Chefs from Delta & Marriott Hotels across the country, like Stefan Müeller, Eric Larcom, Robert Gendreau and Ottawa’s own Executive Chef Jason Duffy, are here to prove it!

Introducing, “A True Canadian Experience by Lift”. It is a one-of-a-kind culinary event happening this week (January 27-29 2016 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) at Lift lounge, Delta’s newest eatery. This all-you-can-indulge event is an opportunity to celebrate the best of everything Canada has to offer; from arts and music to food and beverage.

The coast-to-coast menu will present focal eats from different regions across Canada– Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and the Maritimes. Think Alberta beef and East coast oysters, meet Ontario duck and Quebec maple, my mouth is salivating just thinking about this.

“Featuring local musicians and skilled artists like painters, sculptors, LIFT is stepping up as the new venue providing a platform for local artists to showcase their talents in Ottawa!”

It doesn’t get any more local/Canadian than this!

Tickets are $49.95 plus tax and include a wine & beer tasting for two hours. You can purchase them here. For more details about the event, check out their Facebook event page.

So, to all of those who are looking for a date night or a way to spice up your winter, please join me for #ExperienceLift and indulge in a ‘True North Strong and Free’ evening. I’ll be there on Wednesday night, I hope to see you there!

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