#Heart4MaternalHealth: support global maternal, newborn and child health for Mother’s Day

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Every day, more than 800 women die from pregnancy or child-birth related complications in developing countries. In Canada, that number is closer to 10 per 100,000 births in one year. It’s not even comparable.

Although our healthcare system is not perfect, we need to step back and be grateful that we live in a country where we have access to clean hospital beds, state-of-the-art technology, competent healthcare workers and to top it all off, these health services are covered by our provincial insurance plan.

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Escaping in Style: Fashion Art Toronto, Food and Fun with Ford Canada

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My first official press tour has sadly come to an end. And what a whirlwind it was. My friend and fellow Ottawa influencer, Katie Hession from Yow City Style, joined me for a road trip to Toronto for the weekend. I drove us in a brand new 2017 Ford Escape, courtesy of Ford Canada. We had a hectic agenda and truly made the best of our time there, sans our family! It’s quite refreshing to travel with someone that has the same interests and goals: do, eat and see all the things in Toronto! No need to deal with kiddies or hangry husbands who want to eat before we have had a chance to photograph our food. I know most of you were following our Instagram stories, and I have to say it was nice staying in touch with Ottawa while we were in Toronto. Hopefully we made you proud, and you were able to enjoy it as much as we did!

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I completed a 30 day challenge of cycle and barre at The Dailey Method Ottawa

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Dare I say it, I think I finally found a workout routine that works for me, my lifestyle, my capabilities and my interests. I completed my first 30-day challenge at The Dailey Method Ottawa and I hate myself for waiting so long to finally do it! I am 100% totally addicted and fear that I will lose all my hard work if I don’t join full time. I was asked to do the 30-day challenge, in exchange for my open and honest review. But since my 30 days are up tomorrow,  I may sign up for their new client special – “All Access Unlimited Month $79”.

How The Dailey Method Changed my body

I haven’t lost a hundred pounds or anything, but my body is different. The muscles in my legs and glutes feel toned and strong, and they are stretched. I also survived the 30 days without any back injuries (insert miracle here)! Although my endometrial cysts are getting enormous and limit some movement in my core, my stomach feels strong and flattened… a feeling I’ve longed for in a while. My cardio levels are up due to all that intense cycling, actually, let’s just call it dancing! Coupled with better eating habits and maintaining 3 classes a week (1 cycle and 2 barre), I know I can keep up this amazing feeling and I can’t wait to continue on my journey to optimal health.


  1. The music! I am hugely motivated by tunes when I workout. The soundtrack to our workouts in both barre and cycle classes are designed to keep you moving! I also loved that they used my recommended songs!
  2. The app is life! For the first time, with a single swipe, I can commit to a class and pop it in my schedule without any excuses.
  3. The fashion– seriously, everyone looks amazing in their colourful tights, TDM tank tops and colourful no-slip socks. It motivates you to look your best.
  4. Low impact, high results. Barre class is probably the most challenging workout you will ever do, yet it’s so simplistic in nature. You barely break a sweat, but your body has been shaking for 60 minutes. There is NO workout that compares.
  5. They are obsessed with alignmentand so am I! When you’ve spent hundreds of dollars seeing a physio, a massage therapist and an osteopath for your lower back pain and pelvic floor therapy, the last thing you need is an exercise-induced injury. I love how all my breathing exercises and posture recommendations are reinforced in all the classes. It’s kept my back totally safe!
  6. Where everyone knows your name. I am terrible with names, but nothing makes me feel more special than someone calling out my name, especially in front of the class “Great posture, Chantal!” (Can you tell I was a teacher’s pet! haha). I truly commend all the staff for being super friendly and attentive.
  7. An inch is so much more than an inch. An inch in barre can make or break you. You’ll quickly develop a love-hate relationship with the words “up an inch, down an inch” … but you can thank them later, when you’re shaving your muscular legs in the shower.
  8. I thought I hated cycling until I tried the TDM classes. The stationary bikes are completely adjustable, you can also track and monitor your every move with the centre console. To top it all off, the bikes come equipped with shoes that clip right in the pedals for an optimal workout. Every class is also concluded with the best stretch of your life.
  9. Motivation! Whether it’s collecting stickers to track your progress during the 30 Day Challenge or getting an extra boost from your instructor, these guys have your back.
  10. The owners. Sarah and her husband Jamie are the sweetest couple you will ever meet. They opened the Dailey Method to build a community, and I think it’s safe to say they have!
Getting the best stretch of my life here!

Looks easy right? What you can’t see is that my legs are on fire.
Makeup is for photo shoots only! I don’t get this dolled up normally! haha

What is the Dailey Method?

TDM is a group fitness class that is at the cutting edge of fitness research and acclaimed by tens of thousands of devoted TDMers across North America and Europe. 

TDM safely, efficiently and effectively increases muscle length, strength tone, and balance, improves cardio strength, posture and motivation, sharpens your mind, reduces the risk of injury and chronic pain and helps you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime.

Specially designed unique and ever evolving low-impact classes (45-60 min done for as little 2-3 times per week) that incorporate the best benefits from multiple disciplines (yoga, Pilates, and orthopedic exercises), with hands-on training and education, and an intrinsic focus on alignment and strength all done in a safe, fun and energetic group environment.

SEAT WORK- don’t mind me while I am creating buns of steal here

They call this “Hanging at the barre” a good way to stretch your muscles and back before and after your workout.
Chilling with my girl Katie (from Yow City Style) and owner Sarah Thompson post-workout. Sarah is a ruthless instructor who will make you WORK… but how can I stay mad at her?
Of course I am shopping in this pic (I love this sweater)!

The super popular 30-day challenge leaderboard, complete with shiny star stickers!

Don’t be fooled by this pic- this class is ALWAYS full!

Photography credit Kamara Morozuk.

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Farang Thai Catering: 100% Authentic, 100% Gluten free and 100% made in Ottawa

This past Saturday, I skipped making dinner and invited some friends over to test out a relatively new authentic Thai catering company in Ottawa that reached out to me. Farang Thai Catering serves up 100% authentic Thai food, made with locally sourced products in Ottawa and the entire menu is 100% gluten free (see, the cook is celiac, so you know it’s legit!). If you attend any Asian night markets in the city or Asian Festivals in Ottawa, you would recognized their booth: they are typically known for their super spicy dishes and jumbo portions! Although they are sure to serve up a delicious pad Thai, Farang Thai Catering prides themselves on preparing a variety of authentic dishes that are staples in Thai homes and villages, but not typically served in North America.

Farang not only provides catering for large events and private functions, but they have recently launched a prepared meals service for folks who don’t like to cook or rely on frozen meals for the week.

Check out these mouth-watering pics of each menu item that was specifically prepared for us!

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