Summer Mixtape: Get ready at home with your gal pals through Airtime app!

First, I want to thank my pack-rat self for holding onto my Dance Mix ’94 cassette tape, to realise this photo. You now understand why I can not throw anything away! “I’ll hang on to this, just in case… ”

Is anyone else guilty of making mix tapes? My older sister always recorded our favourite songs from the radio and crafted THE best summer mix tapes! Of course, the art was all about starting and stopping the record button at the perfect time. You don’t want to cut the song and you surely don’t want the “AM 640…” tune before your favourite song starts! PS- Only people who grew up in Toronto in the 90s will get that reference. These mix tapes were perfect for listening to your walkman in the car, jamming at home when you’re chilling in your (TINY) room, over plucking your brows or just doing crazy makeovers on yourself with your sister’s Cover Girl makeup! Guilty- sorry Raissa.

At that time, I was too young to be going out, but essentially my getting ready routine hasn’t changed much. Blast a wicked playlist on my phone and get dolled up! If I were to make a Summer 2016 Mixtape, there would be way too much Drake and Justin Bieber on it. Maybe it’s a Toronto thing, maybe they are super talented… I don’t know. They just give me all the feels right now. So here is my ultimate “Getting ready for a Girls Night Out” summer mixtape:

  • Drake – Too Good (Ft Rihanna)
  • Fifth Harmony – All In My Head (Flex) Ft. Fetty Wap
  • Drake – One Dance Feat. Kyla & Wizkid
  • Justin Bieber – Sorry
  • Major Lazer – Cold Water (Feat. Justin Bieber & Mø)
  • Fifth Harmony – Work From Home Ft. Ty Dolla $Ign
  • Clavin Harris – This Is What You Came For (Feat. Rihanna)
  • Sia – Cheap Thrills
  • Kungs & Cookin’ On 3 Burners – This Girl
  • OMI – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

So, what if you made all these awesome playlists on Spotify, but wanted to share them with your friends, who are also getting ready at home? What if you wanted to sing along to your favourite songs while getting ready? Well, now you can! Introducing, Airtime, an app that lets you hang out in group video, share music, videos and playlists and so much more! It’s as if Snapchat had a baby with Spotify and you fed it Youtube for breakfast. Now it makes sense right? hahaha

If you join Airtime, make sure you come find me (@Chantal.Sarkisian)!

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Transformation: Feeling blue this summer

If you’ve only been reading my blog recently, you may have missed the entire part where I wrote about my weight loss journey. The reason I don’t talk about it anymore is because, well, things are not going as well as they used to. I don’t exercise like I used to, I gained a bit of weight this winter while on vacation, and it all just escalated from there. Yes, I love food! And no, I don’t have an eating disorder and I am not obsessed with my weight, it’s just that I am the strongest and best shape of my life (and on a good day, the lightest I’ve been in a while!). But today, I am scared. I don’t want to lose it all, over some sweet desserts or a few too many drinks. I made a promise to myself that I can NOT go backwards. I have updated all my closet with new clothes in smaller sizes. It’s just not happening.

The problem is summer and it’s tempting parties. The problem is that I am tired and overwhelmed. The problem is that I have a 3 year old who is turning into a demon. The problem is that I am dealing with some health issues. The problem is that I love blogging and it’s taking over my time and energy. Notice, how I am really good at excuses and can convince myself of anything. I have to stop.

I have to stop being so negative and so hard on myself and start practicing what I preach! I need to remind myself of where I was and how good I used to feel. I need to be myself again!
So, the following is an open letter that I am writing to myself (as prescribed by my personal trainer- thanks Tina!)

Hey Chants!

What’s up girl? How’s it going? I know your stomach pains are getting worse and Victor is turning into the devil and giving you a hard time, but don’t worry, it will pass. Think of all the amazing things you’ve accomplished in the last few years. You are super strong, you’re managing your shoulder and back pain like a boss, you’re blogging career is exploding and your loving family is there to support you. Sure, you started indulging a little bit more lately, and slacked on your lunch-hour workouts. Big deal, we’re human!

I noticed you’re wearing that blue and white dress today, and I wanted to point something out to you, something that I came across on the internet. Remember this photo? Man, that was a while back. This was taken before you had Victor. I mean, your makeup was on point, but girl… I know you were hurting inside. This was the biggest you have ever been. I know you were dealing with a recent miscarriage and maybe over doing it on the “treats”.

Blue stripe dress before

But look at you now! You have a chin, cheek bones and shoulders! Don’t forget how hard you have worked to get here. Don’t be so hard on yourself, just schedule you’re workouts and start cooking with the veggies that are coming out from the garden. Carve out some “Chantsy” time and take care of yourself. You look amazing!

Blue stripe dress after

XOX Chantsy

PS- You’re dress is too big for you now, give it a new home!

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Ottawa Street Style: Vest Dressed

Ok, I have been holding on to this post in my drafts for almost 8 months. I have been desperately waiting to publish it, but I thought it would be cruel to do so in the winter. In anticipation of spring fashion, I am hitting send today! Yes, there is a snowstorm predicted for this afternoon, but I don’t care anymore. Let it be spring!

This was part of a series of photos that I did with Kristy Chapman Photography last summer. Enjoy!

In these pictures, I am wearing:


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Barbie 2.016- She’s tall, small and curvy too!

You heard me, Barbie has a new body and she is not ashamed to show it off! We had to wait 57 years for it to happen, but late is better than never! The Barbie-obsessed little girl inside me is screaming of joy!!

Introducing… “Curvy Barbie”!


Time magazine has released a great in-depth article about the entire history and new launch of this collection.


The new Barbie isn’t only curvier, she is more diverse overall: she is darker, edgier, has curly hair, and ultimately more accessible. I mean, this hasn’t solved world peace, but it’s a start.

As I was curating these Barbie images, right away, I was assigning them to girls I knew. I would like to take you on a journey of my thought process… so here goes!

If an Ottawa bloggers were a Barbie

Flic from
This is Patricia from
This is Dom from


Alexa from
Symone from
Katie from
Erica from
This is Taryn from
This is Alyssa from
Katrina from
Kay from
This is Carolynn from
This is Zara from
Amy of


Jenn (with long hair!) from
Rosie from
Jennifer from

Barbie Ottawa Fashion Bloggers

This is Alexandra Gunn from www.alexandragunn.comCbw0EhqWIAIfiR7

This is Loukia from LouLou’s Vews



Barbie #TheDollEvolves Curvy Barbie Curvy Fashion Blogger Ottawa Style Blog

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