Eau Thermale Avène YsthéAL Intense: A new and safe way to chemical peel at home

The classic Eau Thermale Avène, that we all know and love, has launched a brand-new skin care product! Introducing the new Eau Thermale Avène YsthéAL Intense, a solution designed to improve the quality of your skin and a quick and safer way to get the same results as a chemical-peel, in the comfort of your own home. I was invited to join the conversation and given these samples to try at home, and take part in the experience.

I’m lucky, I know. I have been blessed with great skin. But, I also eat a very balanced diet which includes loads of fruit and veggies and very little processed foods. I strongly believe that what we put in our bodies, comes through our skin, hair and nails. Considering how many products I test, and how much makeup I wear, I cannot take my skin for granted. When I received the Eau Thermale Avène YsthéAL Intense, I wondered if it would be too harsh for my skin and if I even needed it at all.

Eau Thermale Avène YsthéAL Intense promises to smoothen wrinkles and fine lines and visibly improve the quality and brightness of your skin. It refines the texture of skin and evens out complexion as well. Although I may not have wrinkles, I do have tiny lines on my forehead and neck that I could easily part ways with.

The cream contains highly concentrated active ingredients:
– Retinaldehyde: a benchmark anti-aging active ingredient, with anti-wrinkle efficacy clinically proven under dermatological control, boosts cellular activity in the skin.
– G.G.O.: Boosts the efficacy of Retinaldehyde for increased anti-wrinkle action and protects the skin’s elastin, restoring firmness and elasticity
– Pre-tocopheryl: a powerful antioxidant agent that forms a protective shield against the harmful effects of free radicals.
– Avène Thermal Spring Water: soothing and anti-irritant, comforts your skin instantly.

(Source Avene website)

How to use Eau Thermale Avène YsthéAL Intense

I always like to show my readers what the product looks like up close. This cream is quite thick with a yellow tinge to it. I applied a nickel-size (2 pumps) all over my face and it felt great. It was very rich and moisturizing. It had a slight cool tingling sensation after a few minutes, but it was very gentle and very subtle. I then sprayed my face with the Eau Thermal. I did not have any reactions or redness to the face and my face feels and looks great this morning. I look forward to including this in my routine and help get rid of SOME of my laugh lines… not all 😉 Eau Thermale Avène YsthéAL Intense

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Going back to my roots: Preloved Toronto now at Sporting Life Ottawa

A few weeks ago I was approached by Preloved Toronto, a popular clothing store and staple in Canadian fashion known to reclaim vintage fabrics. For most, they are known as an institution for sustainable fashion who are responsible for breathing new life into over a million pieces of clothing since 1995. This Toronto girl could not say no to this collab for many reasons. One, obviously I am going back to my roots and supporting my old hood. Two, I love vintage and consignment pieces, so this was a no-brainer. Third, Sporting Life Ottawa will now be carrying the Preloved brand, and I could not miss the opportunity to share this news with you guys! Oh, and I guess the fourth reason to be super excited is that their clothes come in size XL- so, you’re welcome!

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Arroh & bow: A laundry list of ways to wear one infinity dress

I was gifted this beautiful Arroh & Bow infinity dress from the lovely owner of The Handmade Bride in the Byward Market. Meagan wanted to see how I would style the Coralie Short Infinity Dress in Stone. These dresses are quite popular in the wedding scene, but they are extremely versatile and can be worn pretty much anywhere. Yes… even in a laundromat! haha

Let me tell you, my photographer Kamara Morozuk and I had a blast shooting this. I got permission from the sweet old couple of the Old Ottawa South Laundromat, and they looked at me with eyes crossed when I asked them. They were probably thinking I was out of my mind… but when you have a vision, you go with it! So here I am nonchalantly posing for the camera, and ignoring the dude reading his paper or the young lady folding her laundry in a hurry.

How I styled my Arroh & Bow Infinity Dress

There are an infinite amount of ways to wrap this dress. You can wear it strapless, one shoulder, thin straps, thick straps, you get the picture. But, I opted to create an off-the-shoulder look, since it’s quite the rage right now. I thought I invented this style but Meagan tells me it’s been done, but it’s not a very popular look… YET! haha

I paired my dress with my vintage Wrangler denim jacket from Preloved Toronto, my fishnet socks  and mules from L’Intervalle.

Steps to tie the dress:

  1. Tie a knot with the two straps over your chest.
  2. Flatten each strap and place over your shoulders.
  3. Wrap the straps around your waist twice.
  4. Tie a bow at the back with the rest of the straps.

The dress comes with a bandeau which helps cover your strapless bra. The fabric is super light and bouncy and the colour I chose is very versatile. I am wearing a size M, since the dresses run a little on the large side. I also had it hemmed about 2 inches, for a more flirty and casual look. I recommend wearing compression undergarments for a more sleek look, especially if you get a light-coloured dress.

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Almost Famous: What I wore to the JUNOs from Place D’Orleans

The 2017 Juno Awards came to a close a few weeks ago, and I am still feeling the buzz. I couldn’t be happier to take part in the action and I am so blessed to have partnered with Place D’Orleans for the entire campaign.

On March 3rd, I presented a fashion TV segment “Dress like a JUNOs star with Place D’Orleans” on CTV Morning Live and that day, launched a contest on my Instagram account to win 2 tickets to the Junos, two $100 gift cards to Place D’Orleans and two VIP gift cards at Hai Republic for the lucky winners!

This is Vero and Jaqueline, the winners of the contest! They got floor tickets! They also look amazing in their new Place D’Orleans get up and Hair Republic makeovers!
Photo Credit Kim Ing


What I wore to the JUNOs 

When I put my outfit together at Place D’Orleans, I was going for a ‘Rockstar Journalist’ style. The leather jacket, bell-bottom cutoff jeans and embroidered guitar strap bag were definitely key elements to nailing this look. Albeit I didn’t get to interview any artists, or meet any in person, seeing them walk by in the media space was a pretty surreal experience.

It sounds silly, but I didn’t take any pictures of the celebrities I saw, because you have to keep your cool in the media room. It’s an unspoken rule, you know? I saw the Trudeaus, Brian Adams, Billy Talent, Marianna’s Trench and a whole bunch of E! Talk folks.

Regardless of this being a red carpet event, musicians always stay true to their style and opt for a practical yet glam look on stage and on the carpet. I used that philosophy to inspire my look. Being a blogger behind-the-scenes at events can seem glamorous, but it’s a lot of work and there is lots of running around, so I wanted to be comfortable and stylish. I got my entire look from Hudson’s Bay at Place D’Orleans.


My hair was coloured and cut at Hair Republic, where I quickly ran into the girls getting ready!

Photography credit Kamara Morozuk.


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