Welcome to mode XLusive

My name is Chantal and I’m a size XL.
That’s right, I’m coming clean and I’ve got nothing to hide.

People have always told me that I dress very well (for my size) and always look on trend. Well, I try. I know what suits me, what flatters my best attributes and what will be comfortable. I can buy clothes without trying them on, and just measuring them by laying the garment over me… I’m that good! There’s nothing better than feeling great about your outfit and strutting your stuff. I’m not embarrassed by size but it’s not something I flaunt either. What’s worse is that I always feel bad sharing my Fashion secrets with other XL women because I feel like I’m insulting them! Isn’t that strange? I mean it’s not a secret. We both know we’re not a size 4, so what’s the pressure all about?

I’ve been inspired to create Mode XL, which is my fashion hub for all things XL. Large women have money to spend and want to be equally represented in the world of fashion. It’s time we share our XL fashion secrets and raise the bar!
I’m not talking about the obvious plus size stores, no– I hate that! I’m talking about fashion forward, body conscious clothing that is flattering, comfortable and trendy!

So please if Mode XL speaks to you, please join me on my journey and share your XL secrets!

Xox Chantsy

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