The Woes of a Fashion Chameleon

Yes, I said it. I am a Fashion Chameleon and I am not ashamed to admit it. I just love everything and anything. I am this way with all facets of my life. From music, to my choice in friends or food… anything pretty much goes. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. I mean there is a shoe for everything, a boot for everything, a heel for everything, a purse and a coat too. Ipso Facto, I have A LOT OF STUFF!!! It’s a disgusting diseases, but what can I do?

Here are a few “looks” that you will see me in from time to time.
At work:

  • Corporate power suit business lady
  • Fun flirty and thirty
  • Classic preppy

At home:

  • Basic B%@&*!’ing it out with tights and a long sweater
  • Bum on the street with ugly t-shirt and pajama pants

Out and about:

  • Rocking hard in black head-to-toe complete with leather trimmings
  • Hipster casual mom in ripped jeans, infinity scarf and Aztec sweater

At an event:

  • On-trend fashion statement hyperallert mode in a skirt, heels and a fabulous clutch
  • Fancy dress wearing, curled hair blowing, red lipstick rocking, black liner and fabulous brows

At the gym:

  • I look digusting. This is where I will NOT try to look pretty. You will see me with my frizzy hair in a high bun. Red sweaty face in knee length biking shorts and an oversized workout top. No makeup and long underarm hair (ready to be waxed!). This is the one place in life that I don’t care what I look like.

My one saving grace to manage all these looks is that I opt for quality vs. quantity. I invest in pieces like jackets, shoes, purses and jewellery instead. Tops and pants get a lot of wear, so they can easily be replaced. Black jeans are black jeans as far as I am concerned, as long as they look good and fit well. Especially when your an “XLusive member”, you have to stick with what works for your body type. (XLusive SECRET- My go to jeans are GAP Outlet skinny jeans… more on that later!)

Hope this post made you laugh… I know I did.

xox Chantsy

mode XLusive Chantal Sarkisian
Because a good hair day always deserves a selfie!


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J. Crew… how I loathe you

Do you get the joke in this picture?

J Crew plus size mode XLusive
If this is what size 16-20 looks like, then sign me up!

Why bother having a separate “Plus-size” category in your shopping list if you will be using skinny models. These girls aren’t even a regular size, like size 10.

If I am buying clothes online, I need to see what it looks like a woman with boobs and hips.

I beg you, J.Crew… please get your act together and don’t follow the Victoria Secret way of promoting women’s body images.

That’s it. Rant over.

xox Chantsy

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Proutfit (Proud + Outfit)

I am coining a new term, if it hasn’t been already done, called Proutfit. You get it right? An outfit you put together that you are rocking with confidence!

I wore this to an event this week and was happy to have my picture taken by Brittany from Throne Photography (she is


mode XLusive Chantal Sarkisian
Pleather skirt from Forever 21+, Gold Brooch from AMH Style (Ottawa consignment store), White blouse Jones new York from the Bay.


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The perfect Fall shawl

Okay, so this Fall I have been searching high and low for that perfect poncho/shawl!

Low and behold, I found a beauty at the Signatures Show in Ottawa (at the Ottawa Convention Centre from Nov 11-16)! If you know me well, you know I love supporting local and Canadian where I can.

I bought this versatile shawl for $20! It was at booth at #723 made by Moose Creek Hat Co. make sure you check them out.

Reason’s I love it:

  • I love the dark green and black plaid pattern
  • The wool is so warm
  • So versatile! You can wear it outside or under your coat. You can belt it, wear it like a sweater or around your neck too!

Sorry the picture is terrible quality… but you get the idea!

xox Chantsy

Mode XLusive PLus size fashion Outfit

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