Le Veston- My Denim Vest

Le Veston

A few observations. First, I feel so 80’s today with my new vest. Second, I might be obsessed with denim… hahaha

Today’s proutfit is brought to you by my new Old Navy light wash denim vest, perfect to hide chubs and rolls! he he We can’t all be sleek but we sure can try and hide our flaws!

This cut is perfect for me as it hits high, right at my waistline and really helps accentuate it. For a more pear shaped body type, or if you are blessed with a booty, I would recommend a longer version, the Plus Denim Vest.

These vests are perfect for the summer. They keep you cool, but covered. Give you a more tailored finish without being too restricting and best of all, as I mentioned above… it helps to hide imperfections. I will be wearing it with skirts and dresses./.. so watch out!

Yes, I have imperfections. It doesn’t mean that I hate myself. I am just on a mission to find flattering clothes and help you do the same!

chantal Sarkisian plus size fashion blogger ottawa blog mode xlusive
Paired a white t-shirt from Joe Fresh, a navy maxi skirt from H&M with my Old Navy vest!
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Why can’t we accept Lena Dunham’s self-acceptance?

We get it Lena, you love your body! But why is it so hard for us to accept it!

It seems like we just can’t possibly fathom the notion that a woman, who doesn’t have the stereotypical Barbie shape that we associate to beauty, loves herself. The way she is. Do you see the disconnect here?

Why does this picture bother so many of us?

Lena-Dunham-instagram naked body
On May 25th 2015 Lena Posted a picture of herself in a moss lace two-piece lingerie set.

Lena Dunham is an American actress, author, screenwriter, producer, and director. She is best known for creating, directing and staring in the HBO hit series Girls. In this show, she is often seen either topless or exposing her body comfortably. She has really changed the landscape for women’s self-love with her laissez-faire attitude. We love and we approve!

What do you think? Please share in the comments below.

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Street Style: Denim blouse with Full Stripe Skirt

Do you have a go-to favourite outfit that you know will work? For me this year it’s totally the denim blouse (also called chambray) with a full skirt. Something casual on top paired with something feminine on the bottom. I totally love that look. You will see me repeat-offending this one for sure. Guilty.

My top is from Old Navy and the “High Waist Elastic Black and White Stripe skirt” is from Express {Size L $59.90}. It’s a really thick material and very stretchy. For me it accentuates my waist and is flattering for my legs.

I am holding a “Lovely Bird” hat that I bought at Cloakroom in Toronto. (Love this hat!!!)

My necklace is none other than Katye Landry’s wishbone necklace. Also a repeated offense on my blog!

My black heels are from Vince Camuto.

I am standing outside of the Mayfair Theater in Old Ottawa South on Bank Street. It also started snowing that day! I was frozen, but kept my composure… at least I tried to! My proudest moment was getting so many looks and a few honks. It’s kind of corny, but it made me feel important and sexy! haha

Enjoy the pics!

xox Chantsy

Chantal Sarkisian Mode XLusive Plus Size Fashion Blog Ottawa 1

Chantal Sarkisian Mode XLusive Plus Size Fashion Blog Ottawa 2 Chantal Sarkisian Mode XLusive Plus Size Fashion Blog Ottawa Blogger Chantal Sarkisian Mode XLusive Plus Size Fashion Blog Ottawa chantsy Chantal Sarkisian Mode XLusive Plus Size Fashion Blog Ottawa Express Skirt Chantal Sarkisian Mode XLusive Plus Size Fashion Blog Ottawa

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My Fitbay profile

Fitbay Chantal Sarkisian Profile Plus Size Fashion BloggerHave you heard of Fitbay? It’s an awesome new website to help you shop online by finding body doubles! How cool is that!

So if you and I have the same measurements, please follow along! I am still looking for my body doubles so I can copy their style! mouhahahah!!!

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