Chantsy Eats: Common Eatery, new Ottawa restaurant, opens on Elgin Street

I think I can pretty much say that I have accomplished one of my many life goals. Being invited to a new Ottawa restaurant opening and having the chance to sample half the menu… and loving it! This is exactly where I wanted to be, when I started blogging about 5 years ago. It goes to show you that hard work does pay off, and that sometimes you just need to start doing and stop dreaming!

Back in November 2015, I gave you a glimpse of 380 Elgin street’s Common Concept Shop, and even planted a seed about the soon-to-be “eclectic eatery”. Well, it’s open now! It’s called Common Eatery and it’s anything but common. The moment I walked in, I knew this was going to be my new hang-out spot. What a great use of large windows, street views, natural lighting with an urban vibe. This space is perfect  to host events or throw a wicked party! In fact, I am sure they are already hosting hip hop nights (*adds upcoming events to calendar and books babysitter)

The food was fantastic: All carefully prepared, with wild contrasting ingredients and beautifully plated too. The cocktail list, blew me away. Also, it’s a danger zone, because when you use really good mixes and high quality ingredients, it’s easy to get carried away! I realize now that I don’t hate liquor, I hate cheap liquor! I am also now switching from bubbles to cocktails (anything with egg whites, St- Germain or Gin, please!)

I don’t want to talk you through this, but more so let your taste buds salivate over my pictures. By the time our meals arrived, I was famished and didn’t take any pics of our actual dinner. I had the bison slider  where the patty tasted like we make at home. Lots of fresh Mediterranean flavours with herbs in the meat (delicious!). I tasted my friend’s steak and ravioli which was also excellent.

Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Ottawa food blogger
I call this one #BloggersEat (a photo of a photo of a photo)
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Ottawa Cocktail bar
Totally digging the hoop chandelier
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Ottawa Foodie
Cool people hang out at Common Eatery
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog graffitti
Awesome Egyptian inspired grafitti artwork greats you at the entrance
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Go Green cocktail
Go-Green! Gin and St-Germain are on my to-drink list
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Foodie
Peaking inside!
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog drink menu
The cocktail menu
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Cool toilet
The devil is in the details… all the way down to the toilet bowl!
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog cool spaces in Ottawa
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Common Concept
The view from outside
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Cocktail
All the drinks! The hot pink one is called Unicorn and is served in a hollow sphere ice cube! Crack the ice and the drinks spills out.
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Cocktail lounge
Bacon and Eggs! Like I said, I love egg whites in my cocktails! Also, that maple bacon tho.
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Chantsy
Cozy private nook in the back
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Blogger
Crab cake, scotch egg, toke salad and guac!
Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog
Apple Wood Smoked Apple Pie Manhattan

Common Eatery Ottawa New restaurant 2016 Elgin Street Ottawa Fashion Blog Bar on Elgin



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Summer Accessories: The One Size Fits All of Fashion

It doesn’t matter if you’re curvy, thin, tall, short, or somewhere in between, accessories are one facet of fashion that can be worn almost universally. And when something fits well, it has the power to make a woman feel great, causing her to exude confidence, which also makes her look great. After all, some believe confidence is the very best “accessory” one can have.

For summer, though, I’m going to be touching on some of my favorite tangible outfit embellishments that also happen to be trending for the SS 2016 season. Right now I’m loving the twist on classics, reemergence of nostalgic throwbacks, and the embellishments that are popping up everywhere. So, from jewelry to handbags, we’ll be exploring an odyssey of exciting accessories.

Choker Necklaces

Choker Summer accessories Ottawa Fashion Blog

Style experts from People agree: chokers have been on trend, and will continue to be through summer. And the more eye catching, the better. This high-end, multicolored choker from Rodrigo Otazu is said to feature a signature mix of glamour and roughness, with plenty of attention garnering bling. The varying hues and almost-hypnotic design of this necklace also ticks the bright and colourful kaleidoscope trend off the list.

Chunky Chain Bag

Chain Summer Accessories Ottawa Fashion Blog

The runways were flooded with chain-embellished handbags for the SS 2016 season. And Stella McCartney, the designer known for combining cruelty-free luxury with the latest trends, delivers once more with her chain-adorned tote. From the office to cocktail hour to a weekend jaunt, this is the perfect bag for the everyday.

Tiara Hair Accessories

Tiara Summer Accessories Ottawa Fashion Blog

If you’re feeling regal, then hop on the tiara trend train this summer and don your favourite twinkling headpiece. I’m especially digging this gorgeous Imperial Moth gold and Swarovski crystal tiara from Vernissage Jewellery. Wear this with something as simple as a little black dress and show up in style for special occasions this season.

Bright Handbags

Bright Summer Accessories Ottawa Fashion Blog

Glamour’s SS 2016 trend report favours bold bags for the season. These vibrant purses are the perfect summer accessory and will add that much-needed pop to your ensembles. Dolce & Gabbana has your bright bag bases covered with this simple, neon yellow satchel that exudes luxury.

Ankle Bracelets

Anklet Summer Accessories Ottawa Fashion Blog

Anklets are back this year, but they’re not all the dainty variety that we’re used to seeing. The runways have brought us chunky chains and double-layered, beaded ankle bracelets that defy the rules. I’ve chosen this unique Rosantica gold and turquoise anklet with filigree leaves that features a clasp fastener and toe loop for a beautiful boho look.

Botanical Jewelry

Botanical summer accessories Ottawa Fashion Blog

When designers like Anna Sui and Carolina Herrera have florals and animals incorporated into their accessories, you just know it’s only a matter of time before the trend catches fire. From perching parrots to oranges and lemons, the feathered and fruity are not off limits. Lyst’s fashion team knows that getting summer ready requires the right accessories, so I’ve chosen this gorgeous pair of D&G clip-on floral earrings embellished with crystals that fit in with the botanical trend.

This summer, no matter your size, luxurious accessories pack a universally flattering punch. And whether it’s a chic handbag or an eye-catching choker, this year’s trends are easier than ever to follow. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about my favourite picks and will leave here inspired to have fun styling your wardrobe all season long.

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About last night: Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards 2016 Gala

Last night, I had the great privilege of attending the 24th annual Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards 2016 Gala. I vaguely knew about this event, and was always intrigued by the hype. I didn’t realize the significance of the prestige that comes with becoming a laureate. It’s essentially the highest honour that Canada gives to the performing arts community. That’s kind of a big deal.

Star studded evening
The ceremony was hosted by actor Colm Feore (a.k.a a younger looking version of Richard Jenkins) joined by other Canadian actors such as Paul Gross and Tom Jackson. Ottawa’s Amanda Rheaume open with our national anthem, and Chantal Kreviazuk concluded the show. We also sang Happy Birthday to the Honourable Gov. Gen. David Johnston, who was celebrating his 75th birthday this month! Now that was the best HB song I have ever heard. Choir, harmonies and everything!

The 2016 laureates of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards were:

  • Susan Aglukark- Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award
  • Michael Bublé- National Arts Centre Award
  • Marie Chouinard- Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award
  • Ben Heppner- Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award
  • John D McKellar- Ramon John Hnatyshyn Award for Voluntarism in the Performing Arts
  • Robert Lantos- Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award
  • Suzanne Lebeau- Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award

The ceremony was very well executed, and told touching and inspiring stories about each award recipient. You can now watch the short films about each recipient too! Follow this tweet for more details.

From musical numbers, and play excerpts, the audience was able to have a taste for what each winner was being recognized for. What really stole the show, was the avant-garde dance performance produced by Marie Chouinard.

Although the NAC was in shambles amongst the construction rubble, next year, just in time for the 25th Awards ceremony and the 150th Canada celebration, the NAC will reveal it’s newly renovated facade! I can only hope to attend once again and see it for myself. The NAC will be gorgeous from the outside in!

2017 National Art Centre Ottawa

Fashion at the #GGAwards Gala

If fashion isn’t art, then… I don’t know! Fashion is art, ok! And it’s no wonder the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards Gala places a significant importance on fashion and the red carpet scene. And of course, that’s where I come in!

Although I didn’t get to actually meet these folks, I saw some of Canada’s top fashion influencers including  Suzanne Rogers, Suzanne Boyd, Suzanne Timmins, Jessica Mulroney, and Liz Rodbell, president of Hudson’s Bay Co. and coincidentally, one of the featured sponsors of the evening.

My date was Catalina, photographer of MDRN Creative Group. She captured these lovely photos of me at the Gala! Big thanks to you, Cat!

MDRN Creative Group
Here I am, taking advantage of the fact that there is a red carpet and 2 footguards to welcome me!
MDRN Creative Group
Snapped a quick pic with Janet Wilson, from Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Citizen Style.

MDRN Creative Group

MDRN Creative Group
Doing my social media thing…
MDRN Creative Group
Snapped a quick red carpet photo with fashion expert, Alexandra Gunn from Ottawa Life Magazine.

MDRN Creative Group

MDRN Creative Group
Wearing Ottawa’s own Cantas.

MDRN Creative Group

MDRN Creative GroupMDRN Creative Group

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Sunny Style: How to choose sunglasses for wide faces

Is it just me, or one of the best things about summer, is digging up your old sunglasses that have been collecting winter dust? Well, I like doing that. The only thing I find is that there seems to be an explosion of style this year. I need and want all the looks! Everything goes!

But, when you have a wider face (a.k.a moon face as my 1rst grade teacher would call me #true story), you need to be cognizant of that fact that not all styles are created equal. I worked with Ottawa’s newest Bailey Nelson store in Westboro who let me pull a few glasses to showcase for this post. I did not get to keep them (just one!), although my heart is pounding for the black cat eyes!! Must go back for more!

If you read my first post about Bailey Nelson glasses, you’ll see that they are assembled in Canada, made in small batches, they are all polarized and offer high UV protection (a.k.a healthy for your eyeballs). Oh ya,  all of this,  for a whopping $145! That’s incredible for high quality glasses. Get this, they also make prescription eye wear!

I am usually a sucker for tortoise shell, the brown compliments my skin tone and hair. Except, now I have a new favourite shade in tortoise shell, is BN’s signature Cherry Blossom. It has a kiss of pink and it’s bright and fresh. I’m so in love! You’ll see that I selected a lot of styles in that colour.

Ok, now that we know how much I adore this brand, we can move onto choosing a style that suits you.

Also, a HUGE thank you to my friend Catalina of MDRN Creative Group who took these amazing photos and made the hilarious gifs! Make sure you visit their Instagram (@mdrncreativegroup) account too!

Metal frames

Metal frames and aviator type glasses work well because they offer more flexibility.  Be warned that based on the angle of the downward slope on the lenses, some aviator styles may not suit all faces. These Airlie’s had a lovely shape, not too downwards sloping, which did not give me the “sad eyes” look (you know what I mean?). Both styles offer an oversized fit and work perfectly for wide faces.

Archemedis / Cherry Blossom

Cat eye glasses

I think cat eye glasses were made for really wide and large faces. Even though this style has come and gone, a few times around the fashion cycle, one thing remains the same: they will always look fabulous on a wide face! The sides of the glasses move up and create an illusion of a pulled back, more youthful look.

Audrey Lunette / Crystal Bubblegum
Angelique / Black

Key hole

Anything that creates more space between the eyes and bridge of the nose will be wider in nature. The keyhole look is not for everyone, and may not suit all noses! If your nose is very narrow, I would not recommend this look.

Darwin / Cherry Blossom
Darwin/ Black

Typically, I wouldn’t recommend round glasses for a wide face, but these were too hard to pass up! If the lenses are big enough and the frame is wide enough, go for it! In this case, the bridge is wide enough in the Elodie model. Plus, reflective glasses are so hot right now, how could I pass up on this?

Elodie / Crystal with Blue lenses


It’s hip to be square, when it comes to jumbo glasses! They are oversized and proportionate to any round or wide face shape. I also like how the Mim style offers a slight lift on the top outside corner. The is a similar illusion offered by the cat eye glasses.

Mim / Cherry Blossom
Mim / Yellow Tort

Do make sure you pop in the Bailey Nelson store, next time you’re in Westboro. The staff are lovely and will let you try on all the styles! They have a whole bunch more, so if that’s not an excuse… I don’t know what is!

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