Proutfit: To stripe or not to stripe

I must admit, I don’t know all the technicalities that come to fashion, like horizontal stripes versus vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are supposed to make you look longer while horizontal stripes do the opposite. Technically they are a no no for large women, but I disagree. Some of my favourite tops have stripes, and I have a lot of them! All I know is that if you feel good in something, then you should go for it.

I give you my Banana Republic stripe rushed body conscious dress (ugh.. I hate that term!). But I love this dress! It’s comfy, dressy and flattering (?)… I don’t know, you tell me. Stripes are a tough one. For one thing, the dress does not photograph well, as the stripes get thinner you see that it plays an illusion with your eyes. The rushing on the side helps to cover up any imperfections like chub lines or belly button valleys (PS- I hate the belly button valley! I feel like it’s screaming “hey, look at me! No abs here”).

Chantal Sarkisian Mode XLusive Ottawa PLus Size Fashion Blog
How fantastic does my Invicta watch look in this pic! Bought it on amazon for a crazy cheap price! Notice the side rushing on the dress? I actually wore this dress when I was pregnant. I love it.
Chantal Sarkisian Mode XLusive Ottawa PLus Size Fashion Blog
Banana Republic striped dress I bought 3 years ago. Still loving it!
Chantal Sarkisian Mode XLusive Ottawa PLus Size Fashion Blog
I paired my dressed with my taupe Enzo Angiolini pumps! Love them!
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What to wear to the affair: Revive Your Style with Erica Wark

IMG_7434On Sunday, January 25 I attended my first “Revive Your Style” fundraiser event hosted by the ever fashionable Erica Wark.

First, I want to say, wow. I have a background in Marketing, beauty and events, and I was impressed my friends. No cheese here, this is the real deal and all grounds were covered. I was impressed on a few levels. Erica managed to sell out the venue, get connected with amazing sponsors, raise over $17,000 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and pull together a very Ready-to-Wear budget friendly fashion show. Not to mention, she did this with poise and personality. I have gotten to know Erica online very well, but this was the first time we met in person. Such kindness and grace. This girl is going places my friends.

Much anticipated selfie with Erica. Sort of gave her fiance a hard time with this pic. Haha

Ok- but let’s be honest, the thing that was stressing me out the most was my outfit for the event. How do I stand out? Show my own interpretation of fashion and most of all, pull off a plus-size look that any size 2 could admire? I was feeling very uninspired so I turned to Pinterest and searched for “New York Street Style 2015”. That’s ultimately the style I can relate to: feminine, simple, fabulous! A common trend I noticed was casual t-shirt, feminine skirt and killer heels. Easy! I can do this.

I opted to go for a dressy denim look and chose my black short layered Calvin Klein skirt paired with my Gap chambray shirt. Some black Capezio fishnets I got online and my taupe Enzo Angiolini pumps I got at Wolf & Zed for 50% off on New Years Day (psst- looks like they are on sale)! Denim was HOT HOT on the runway, so I was on point. Here is the finished look.

Step and repeat with the lovely Rachella of and fashionista Katrina Turnbull

For makeup I went with Morange lipstick from MAC and a dark burgundy and gold eyeshadow combination. Trying to change it up and stand out. Makeup is my specialty after all, it wouldn’t make sense for me not to try and break the envelope.

Hair did by Michelle Nguyen from Hair Republic. Loving the beach blond babe look 😉
China Glaze “Out like a light” manicure from Upkeep Shoppe.
Chantal Sarkisian Mode XLusive Plus Size fashion Revive Your Style 2015
Katrina Turnbull, me and Rachella Clarot of (Uashmama Canada). Photo taken by Brittany of
Mode XLusive Chantal Sarkisian Erica Wark VIP Swag Bag from Revive Your Style 2015
VIP Swag Bag from Revive Your Style 2015
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