My 2019 predictions for future trends in influencer marketing

2019 predictions for future trends in influencer marketing

I know we are all getting tired of the terms vlogger, blogger, influencer, content creator, tastemaker, but get used to it. Whether you like it or not, influencer marketing is on the rise and it’s here to stay.

With the evolving industry title, the landscape too has drastically changed over time. I can say this, because I have been involved in it now for over 5 years. As I plan for my next move in my career as an influencer, I can’t help but to think about the future of this industry.

In this post, I share some of my predictions for future trends in influencer marketing, and also provide sound advice for influencers and brands who want to survive in this new market.

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Work-life balance: small everyday tips to maintain a healthy relationship with your phone


As an auto-documentarian, I’m always on my phone, capturing every minutiae of my day. It is after all, part of the business process of a social media influencer!The issue here is that when you run a business on your phone, it’s hard to find a balance between social and work use. It’s even harder when your business is on social media: yes it’s a blast, but it’s still counts as work. 

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Goal setting 2018: the importance of setting goals in life & business and how to stick to them


It was a slow start to get motivated this year, I got a taste of the simple life and it felt hard to come back from it. I hadn’t posted my annual “hindsight- a year in review” in January like I normally do, I’ve neglected the blog and this cold weather has me completely uninspired. My recent trip to Tulum, however, did get my creative juices flowing again! Proof that resting the mind and body is a necessity. Now that I am feeling myself again and because I want to stick to my good habits, I am forcing myself to write this goal-setting post, as I have done for the last 5 years. It is one thing that I have consistently done, and that has contributed to the growth and success of my life and business. I don’t always achieve every goal, but it’s nice to know where I was a year from now, how much I have grown and where I am headed. So if you want to know more about the importance of setting goals in life and business and you want to know how you can stick to them, keep on reading!

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