The irony of self-acceptance


Dear girlfriends,

The struggle is real and we are all partly to blame. Why oh why do we put these pressures on ourselves? Why are we preoccupied or envious of how others live in their own skin?

I’m talking about self-acceptance and the delecate balance between having enough self-esteem and being confident without coming across as self-absorbed. As the chart above demonstrates… It’s a fine line.

I experience this quite often and wonder to myself if my confidence can sometimes comes accross as narcissism. The key is… Stop caring about what others think so much!

I just want to encourage my readers to find ways to feel and be more confident in their look and start accepting themselves for who they are. Life is too short to hide in this darkness. Let’s be honest, it’s so much more fun when we let our hair down and let go!

Have you ever noticed that people with low self esteem are such downers? They are preoccupied with things that you couldn’t even bother to care about. “Does my butt look big in these jeans?” I could care less about your butt, I’m not your friend because of it. Just put your pants on already so we can go out!

On the other side of the spectrum, you might have that friend, you know her, the one that doesn’t give a crap. She’s well spoken, witty as hell and exudes gorgeousness even though she’s a little heavy. Let’s agree to stop judging her and other confident women like her, and learn to emulate their energy. You’ll be happy you did!

When it comes down to it, Demi Lovato said it best “What’s wrong with being confident?” I’ll just leave her sexy video right here…

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Knock ’em Dead Makeup Looks for OWFF’s #HauteHalloweenOTT Red Carpet Welcome

Only if you live under a rock, would you not know that the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival is happening from Friday, October 30, to Sunday, November 1, 2015. But timing this year is impeccable. Not only is the OWFF celebrating their 30th anniversary, but it falls on Halloween weekend. #Spooky

As most of my followers know, I was a makeup artist in my past life. I still dabble here and there, but in order to keep the passion alive, I try to limit my work. My only exception, of course, is Halloween! I love Halloween makeup and face painting. It’s the one time of year that I get to test my limits, use crazy colours and open up my creative channels that are blocked by the every day mundane.

The #HauteHalloweenOTT Red Carpet Welcome at the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival on Saturday, October 31 is the perfect opportunity to dress up with a little Halloween flare. Ghoulish and glamorous guests with ‘Arrive After 5 Haute Halloween Welcome’ tickets  are encouraged to dress in their most opulent, outrageous costumes and walk the red carpet. But please, dict the masks and weapons. Four celebrity guests will be judging between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and will choose one lucky winner. The prize? A $7500 trip for two to the Barbados Food, Wine and Rum Show!

Ok, so you’re going to the OWFF, but the age old question remains? What shall I wear to the affair?But what shall I wear?Worry not! I have a few looks to help you take your makeup look from Glam Night to Vamp Fright! If you’re not into the ghoulish scene, maybe you would rather a softer look of Woodland Creatures. The important thing is to have fun and be original!

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Ottawa Streetstyle: Poncho-brown for Fall

It got really cold this weekend! But I was sort of happy to be able to wear the new Reitmans Poncho I just bought! It’s so cozy and warm, and the colours are perfect! I mixed up my look with some vintage finds: my Dooney and Bourke caramel cross-body satchel and my Justin boots in caramel to match. My hair was still wet from my shower, so a warm wool floppy hat (Lovely Bird), can do just the right trick!

Under the poncho, I have a denim shirt from Gap and my new body shaping leggings from Zara… which I adore!

This Fall, give your outfit the poncho-colour it deserves!

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