J. Crew… how I loathe you

Do you get the joke in this picture?

J Crew plus size mode XLusive
If this is what size 16-20 looks like, then sign me up!

Why bother having a separate “Plus-size” category in your shopping list if you will be using skinny models. These girls aren’t even a regular size, like size 10.

If I am buying clothes online, I need to see what it looks like a woman with boobs and hips.

I beg you, J.Crew… please get your act together and don’t follow the Victoria Secret way of promoting women’s body images.

That’s it. Rant over.

xox Chantsy

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Proutfit (Proud + Outfit)

I am coining a new term, if it hasn’t been already done, called Proutfit. You get it right? An outfit you put together that you are rocking with confidence!

I wore this to an event this week and was happy to have my picture taken by Brittany from Throne Photography (she is thebomb.com).


mode XLusive Chantal Sarkisian
Pleather skirt from Forever 21+, Gold Brooch from AMH Style (Ottawa consignment store), White blouse Jones new York from the Bay.


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The perfect Fall shawl

Okay, so this Fall I have been searching high and low for that perfect poncho/shawl!

Low and behold, I found a beauty at the Signatures Show in Ottawa (at the Ottawa Convention Centre from Nov 11-16)! If you know me well, you know I love supporting local and Canadian where I can.

I bought this versatile shawl for $20! It was at booth at #723 made by Moose Creek Hat Co. make sure you check them out.

Reason’s I love it:

  • I love the dark green and black plaid pattern
  • The wool is so warm
  • So versatile! You can wear it outside or under your coat. You can belt it, wear it like a sweater or around your neck too!

Sorry the picture is terrible quality… but you get the idea!

xox Chantsy

Mode XLusive PLus size fashion Outfit

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Famous Plus Size Fashion Models in the Media

Georgina Burke Torrid 2016 Plus Size fashion model Rebel Wilson
Georgina Burke for Torrid 2016 Rebel Wilson Collection

Georgina Burke Torrid 2016 Plus Size fashion model Swimwear bathingsuit model
Georgina Burke for Torrid 2016 Swimwear line

After the convoluted debacle of Calvin Klein’s new plus size model, I decided to curate some of the most talked about and famous Plus Size Model photos in the media.

Who are my favourite plus size fashion models?

My favourite plus size models include Georgina Burke, Ashley Graham, Barbie Ferreira, Tara Lynn, Tess Holliday, Nadia Aboulhosn and Tanesha Awasthi.

Who are my favourite plus size bloggers?

That’s easy! Lately, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish models from influencers and bloggers. Many of plus size models started their careers as plus size bloggers, like Nadia Aboulhosn and Tanesha Awasthi. I love seeing them work as influencers and models for major retail brands, it makes the clothing more accessible. Some of my favourite plus-size bloggers include Nicolette Mason, GabiFresh, Candice Huffine, and Katia from Lapiz of Luxury.

Let’s start with Barbie Ferreira who is taking over the curvy fashion scene and proving to be an inspirational role model to young girls.

Calvin Klein’s new “Plus Size” model. She is a size 10.
Tara Lynn PLus size model
Tara Lynn is a very famous Plus Size Model known for confidently showing skin in a very elegant way.
Victoria secret and Dove campaign
A classic comparison of Victoria Secret Angels vs Real Women
perfect+body+ victoria secret
Another classic comparasson of Victoria Secret Angels vs Real Women
Elle Magazien Justine Legault
Justine Legault Plus Size Model
Ashley Graham Plus Size Model
tess-holliday Famous Plus size model in the media
Tess Holliday (Munster)- First size 22 model to be signed.
popular plus size model lulu bonfils
Lulu Bonfils

I don’t like to think too much into these things. I am just focused on working with my body type and finding outfits that look good on me. Good luck on your plus size fashion journey and do make sure you share your secrets!

xox Chantsy

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