Summer golden glam makeup look with bright red lips

Summer GoldenGlam Makeup Look with bright red lips_Chantsy_Youtuber_Canadian_Beauty_Blogger_Influencer

  In this video, I’ll be doing a Summer Golden Glam Makeup Look with bright red lips makeup tutorial. If you are looking for a summer date night makeup look, nothing beats this summer glam makeup look. This look was inspired by NikkieTutorials’ “Extreme Summer Glam Transformation” and Allana Davison’s “Summer Date Night Look”.

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2015 “Top 10 Reads” List

When New Years comes around, I love looking back and evaluating everything that I have accomplished in the last year. It’s a promise that I make to myself and that I keep! 2015 has truly marked a significant milestone in my blogging career and I can’t wait to see where 2016 leads me. I have […]

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Product Review: GotyGoty Workout Set

Well, this is me in my new workout gear. It’s called GotyGoty Hotwear and they are, well, hot! I was asked to do a review on this new workout gear and to provide my honest feedback, so here goes.  I have been using the top and pants (both size L) for almost 2 weeks. I […]

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