Book Review: Why not me? By Mindy Kaling

I give “Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling” a solid 4.5 out of 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

I love Mindy’s writing style. I can completely relate to her examples and references. I love reading her books, partly because she is hilarious, she’s got body issues, she’s from my generation and truly because it reminds me of my own writing style. An easy read.

Mindy is my spirit animal and my secret best friend… She just doesn’t know it yet. She’s a nerd at heart (like me!) who loves all things girly and funny as hell.

One of my favourite parts of her book!

Mindy talks a lot about how she is pegged as a confident curvy woman in Hollywood. She admits not being able to relate to this ironic label. As much as she is confident, she hated the labels and deals with her own insecurities.

A few things I took away from the read:

  • Mindy knows a thing or two about fat and ugly jokes.
  • Like me, she advises to get clothes tailored.
  • She has an amazing angel by her side, Salvador Perez, who is her costume designer. He makes her look amazing in clothes.
  • Even out proportions of your body and invest in a good bra.
  • Lighting is everything! It can make you gorgeous or atrocious.funny-gollum-lord-of-the-rings-photo-captions
  • Always keep your hands on your hips when taking a photo because it makes your arms thinner… Never flat against your body!

“Because talking about looks isn’t important. It’s just supposed to be fun.” P22

If you are looking for a copy, feel free to visit my Amazon store and make your purchase!

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