Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is something to be thankful for this year!

BE THANKFULI'M NOT SKINNY MODEXLUSIVE.COM Chantal Sarkisian Ottawa Plus-Size Blogger

Note: My “Be Thankful I’m Not Skinny. #perfection” campaign is purely for fun! I hope it motivates you to think the same way about yourself. XOX C

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Style Profile: Erin Coleman of Capital City Curves


I found Erin Coleman of Capital City Curves on Instagram looking for fellow curvy babes in Ottawa. I liked her style, so I asked her a few questions.

What’s your passion for fashion?
To me fashion is wearable art. It should evoke interest and wonder in the people that view it. It should tell a story about who you are and what goes on inside your head. That being said, I don’t have just one style. It’s constantly changing just as I am as an individual. Sometimes vintage and quirky; sometimes modern and simple. If it catches my interest, I’ll give it a try. I also like to mix vintage pieces with modern outfits. It creates interest and usually starts a story with strangers.

What XLusive tip can you share?
Try it on! Don’t feed into the idea that “certain styles” are only for “certain body types”. We are in an era of body positivity! (FINALY). It’s time to break all the fashion rules. Wear horizontal stripes and loose or tight fitting pieces! Experiment. If you love it, try it, and don’t get discourage if the first one you try doesn’t work, keep trying things on!

Stay Social with Erin!
Blog: capitalcitycurves.com
Twitter: @erinrcoleman
Facebook: www.facebook.com/capitalcitycurves
Instagram: @capitalcitycurves

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