Wardrobe Malfunctions


You’re at work, a little late, because you couldn’t decide what to wear. You frantically choose something and rush out the door. But, low and behold, as soon as you get to work, the regret sets in. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever suffered a wardrobe malfunction?

I’m sure everyone has experienced this sort of problem with their outfit. Maybe your…

  • Skirt is too short?
  • Blouse button is pulling at the chest?
  • Shoes are too tight?
  • Tights have a run?

Well, today I wore a blouse that was pulling at the chest, and it made me feel so uncomfortable. I hate tugging at my clothes all day long. You almost draw more attention to yourself when you’re fidgeting.

A few months back, I was contacted by a Canadian company called More Front Room. And they specialize in just that, providing clothes with more space in the chest area! They could have really come in handy today.

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