Spring Fashion 2016 Trends with Addition Elle

I had the pleasure of presenting another fashion segment on CTV Morning Live today, where we talked about 2016 Spring fashion trends from Addition Elle with a twist. Today’s segment was all about pulling a look together that was inspired by the bra!

Addition Elle has a gorgeous selection of quality bras and has qualified staff to help you find the right fit. That’s ultimately the secret, the right fit! This month they are featuring their bra fitting services with special promotions from March 17-22 2016. This is not to be missed.

CTV Morning Live Perfect Bra for Curvy Body Types

To be honest, I have never been a lover of lingerie. Particularly because my bras are usually too “functional” to be pretty. You know what though? I no longer need to feel that way. Their selection (size and fit!!) are wonderful and completely accommodating to all women who need more support. I fell in love a few times with their racy designs, particularly those from the Ashley Graham line (I mean, who doesn’t love Ashley Graham). The new Sheer Desire set is also to die for; a lightweight mesh that is both sexy and practical.

CTV Addition Elle Bra Mode Xlusive Chantal Ottawa Plus Size Fashion Blog Canadian Style Blogger Street Style Srping Fashion 2016 additionelle_Sheer Desire Black setjpgCTV Addition Elle Bra Mode Xlusive Chantal Ottawa Plus Size Fashion Blog Canadian Style Blogger Street Style Spring Fashionadditionelle_Black Lace Bralette CTV Addition Elle Bra Mode Xlusive Chantal Ottawa Plus Size Fashion Blog Canadian Style Blogger Street Style Lookbookadditionelle_Ashley Graham Phenomenon Halter Black bra CTV Addition Elle Bra Mode Xlusive Chantal Ottawa Plus Size Fashion Blog Canadian Style Blogger Spring Fashion Street Styleadditionelle_Dot print and lace contour flirt bra


I want to say a huge THANK YOU to my amazing models Melissa, Meeka and Emily who support me and trust my styling skills! They always do a fabulous job! Love you ladies xoxox!

If you missed the CTV Morning Live segment, you can watch “Perfect Bra for Curvy Body Types” here.

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Loafers and Polish Collab for #BacktoSchool with Plato’s Closet Barrhaven

A few weeks ago, Barrhaven Blog posted the “Back to School Fashion Tips” article that I was featured in. I won this photo shoot on Loafers and Polish, where Jenn, the editor, styled 3 outfits for me and my good friend Karine at Plato’s Closet in Barrhaven.
My Facebook feed today was loaded with First Day of School pics, so I thought it would be appropriate to share the rest of the awesome photos that Kristy, of Kristy Chapman Photography, took that day!

I used to love getting my first day of school outfit ready. One that I remember particularly well, was my grade 8 Clueless inspired short plaid kilt with lace up boots! I must dig up a photo… (to be continued…)

By the way, I haven’t had my makeup done in over 10 years, since I am also a makeup artist and usually do my own work for shoots. I had the pleasure this time of sitting back in the chair and letting Toni Rose take the lead!

Look 1- Sporty & Feminine

Look 2- Edgy Cool

Look 3- Effortlessly Chic

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Big Words- Plus-Size, Curvy, Full, Voluptuous and Ample

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me” … the fat girl credo.

Words are just words. But yes, they can hurt. Trust me, I can talk about this, because I was always “big-boned” as a kid. You know, I had a lot of “baby fat”. It seems I was always reminded of this particularly when it was time to try on dresses for my Armenian folk dance group. It didn’t matter if I was taller than all the kids (no, this was a good thing!) as soon as that dress wouldn’t fit my arms or zip up my back… I was labelled as a fat kid. And trust me, I could see the look of disappointment on the teachers’ faces, because I was a “good dancer”. At an early age, I learned the best way to deal with being made fun of, is to develop a witty sense of humour and attack yourself before anyone else has the chance. When others do the same, don’t think they have low self esteem… it’s a defense mechanism to actually make you feel good about yourself. I know this sounds backwards, but just trust me on this one. After the summer of grade 8, the good lord blessed me with more growth spurts and sporty skills which helped me shed some of that “baby fat” everyone hated about me. But still today, I struggle with weight.

But I digress. The real reason I am writing this post is to address some talk about labels. Words that are supposed to help women shop for clothing that fit them. The fashion industry has chosen to segregate “regular” people” from “larger” ones by stopping at size Large. That’s when the official “Plus-Size or 14+” market was born! It’s still however, a touchy subject. After having conversations with other women, some more “plus-size” than others (yes, there is a prejudice for people of my size that are not deemed fat enough to represent larger women) I realize that we cannot change the words. We must focus on behaviours.

The word large has a more negative connotation.

I started this blog to help inspire women of any size to look good and feel good about their image. Maybe you hate your legs, maybe you want to show off your tiny waist, but at the end of the day, all women have their insecurities and assets. I want to help women get over their insecurities, by sharing what I do with mine, and teach them to flaunt what they love about themselves. When you are truly happy with your image, these words won’t mean much to you.

Even though I am not about the words, I was challenged to find a better word to replace “plus-size”, so my word is “Voluptuous”. Now it’s your turn! Share your word in the comments below.

I like how the word voluptuous is filled with positive vibes!
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