In hindsight: Reviewing 2015 Goals


Some of you may not know this about me, but I have been blogging for over five years. I started creative writing on my blog to get better at it and to use it as my public journal. An escpae for creative ideas and a place for me to look back on. Every year, since I started blogging, I evaluate the goals I have set for myself. This is the first time, that I am carrying over the “In hindsight” series, as they usually live on my “Me So Pritti” blog.

Here are the goals I set for myself in 2015 (from In Hindsight 4):

  1. Finish kitchen renos on time and on budget– YES! My sexy kitchen is done and we don’t have (that much) residual debt from it. Our current debt is from other bad habits (#shopaholic #2016resolution).
  2. Lose 25 lbs (joined Weight Watchers  a few weeks ago and getting a personal trainer in January)– YES! I have lost (on a good day) 20 lbs since I started my new weightless journey. I do really need to get back into high gear though.
  3. Do more activities as a family (zoo, camping, vacations, road trips)- YES! We went to Papanack Zoo this year, we went camping in Ithaca this summer and visited friends in Thunder Bay and we are leaving for Cancun on Saturday!
  4. Get guitar lessons- Unfortunately not achieved.
  5. Perform an open Mic- Unfortunately not achieved.
  6. Buy my husband a truck of his dreams (SAVE!)- Soooooo, I bought a new car instead and he has my old SUV which is his new truck?
  7. Get myself a new car (SAVE MORE!)- yes! See #6. Look at me killing 2 birds with one stone.
  8. Travel to Italy or Armenia (SAVE EVEN MORE!)- I wish. All hope is not lost.
  9. Kick butt at Go-to Girl- Can’t wait to share what I have been working on for the new year!!!
  10. Nurture my plus-size fashion blog Mode XLusive– I am going to go ahead and say HELLZ YESSS!!
  11. 5 year plan… buy a second house, have another baby… a girl this time 😉 Sadly, nothing to report on this front.

I love this. I love seeing where my head was at. I can remember vividly what I was going through last December. I was stressed out, just like I am now, but the priorities were different. The focus has shifted. I really recommend this exercise to everyone!

Ok, now for 2016:

  1. BUDGET-Get a grip on spending, pay off small credit card debt and start mega-saving.
  2. HEALTH- Maintain weight loss and lose more if possible (no pressure). Maintain workout schedule and running. All this while protecting my lower back and shoulder.
  3. FAMILY- More of it; time and members. Register Victor for swimming and gymnastics.
  4. WORK & LIFE BALANCE- Finds ways and time to tune out and to kick butt all at the same time.
  5. ART- Start painting and drawing again.
  6. MUSIC- Get guitar lessons and perform an open mike song.
  7. VACATION- insert Italy/Armenia trip here. Also See #1.
  8. WRITING- Start my first kids book, have an article published on Huffington Post and take on more paid work.
  9. DECLUTTER- my life, my house, my friends, my stuff, my clothes.
  10. MODE XLUSIVE- keep blogging, grow my Instagram account and do more TV gigs.
  11. FIVE YEAR PLAN- Buy a second house as a rental unit.

Ok, I think that about sums it all up! Whoa, I have a LOT of work to do, and I better get started! What about you? Do you set yourself goals? Do you review your past year? What stood out for you the most? Have I possibly inspired you to do the same?

Thanks again for tuning in and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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