Going back to my roots: Preloved Toronto now at Sporting Life Ottawa

A few weeks ago I was approached by Preloved Toronto, a popular clothing store and staple in Canadian fashion known to reclaim vintage fabrics. For most, they are known as an institution for sustainable fashion who are responsible for breathing new life into over a million pieces of clothing since 1995. This Toronto girl could not say no to this collab for many reasons. One, obviously I am going back to my roots and supporting my old hood. Two, I love vintage and consignment pieces, so this was a no-brainer. Third, Sporting Life Ottawa will now be carrying the Preloved brand, and I could not miss the opportunity to share this news with you guys! Oh, and I guess the fourth reason to be super excited is that their clothes come in size XL- so, you’re welcome!

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Bailey Nelson: Ottawa welcomes new eyewear and sunglasses store in Westboro

I was walking in Westboro on Victoria Day, and noticed a new shop, and it was the only one open on the strip. Of course, being the curious person that I am, I walked in and started chatting with one of the employees. It’s an Australian brand that has recently launched in Canada called Bailey Nelson and is a prescription eye wear and sunglasses shop made in Canada. Every pair is slowly crafted and assembled in Canada, using the best quality products sourced from countries like Australia and Japan.Bailey Nelson Westboro store Ottawa Fashion Blog Mode Xlusive Chantsy

It turns out this is the company’s sixth store, and they opened it right in the heart of Ottawa’s boutique shopping district! I love it! The store itself is simplistic, with clean lines and natural accents. The company has an eco-friendly eye and a soft spot for maximizing sustainable materials.Bailey Nelson Westboro store Ottawa Fashion Blog Mode Xlusive Chantsy Blogger

The premise of this business is that all frames are $145 (taxes in!), whether it’s prescription or sunglasses. The sunnies are made with high quality lenses and they are all polarized, which means they are actually good for your eyes (bonus! fashionable and functional).Bailey Nelson Westboro store Ottawa Fashion Blog Mode Xlusive

There are loads of gorgeous styles to choose: from feminine flirty to geek chic, with most options being unisex. I am told that the glasses are made in small batches, so the really popular styles will naturally become collector’s edition. At that price, you can afford to start your own collection and BUY THEM ALL!! hahaha

If you’re in the area, I highly suggest popping in to say hello! The staff are super friendly and the shopping experience will not disappoint!Bailey Nelson Westboro store Ottawa Fashion Blog Mode Xlusive Chantsy Style Blogger

Get out of your comfort zone, and start exploring the new shops that are popping up in Ottawa!

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