#Squidgoals: Mermaid for a day at Aquamermaid school

This past weekend, I, along with my blogger friends, was invited to try out AquaMermaid, Ottawa’s first and only mermaid school. Yup, you heard me… I was a real mermaid for 1 hour, and I totally loved it!

First, what an awesome workout on your abs! Swimming is such a great way to stay active and refreshed at the same time. I say this, but you will NEVER see me doing laps in a pool, I am more of a dipper (in French we say “saucer”). What I am trying to say here is that, I shouldn’t omit swimming from my workout routine, especially if I can do it #MermaidStyle!

Aquamermaid Ottawa Mermaid School

So how does it work?

At the base of the tail, you have a set of flippers where you place your feet, one next to the other. You then wrap the flippers in a bathing suit type fabric and pull it over all the way to your waist. It’s quite light and comfortable and fairly easy to move in. Other than having your feet strapped in, it’s not as claustrophobic as I imaged. The tails come in different sizes, colours and fabrics! I chose the pink because it matched my bathing suit 🙂 You can also buy your own Mermaid tail and practice at home!

We learnt the three basic swimming movements: front, back and side. All of which entail (tail! haha) a graceful wave-like flowy motion from your feet to your hips. If you’re a good swimmer, this should come pretty easily to you. After a few tries, I got the hang of it and only got better as I swam more.

This would be awesome for a birthday party, bachelorette, or just for a fun with the girls! Who knows, you may get addicted and get lured (more fish puns!) into a membership.

If you’re looking to try an introductory class with some gal pals, they are available at Lower town pool and costs $60 for one hour. Classes are available for kids and adults.

Aquamermaid Ottawa Mermaid School Ottawa Fashion Blog

Thank you to Aquamermaid who hosted us for this session!

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