Linking Fashion & Design tips with Samantha Pynn X Simons Maison collab

I love getting invited to non-fashion related events, it’s a chance for me to learn something new and connect the dots to what I love blogging about the most: fashion.

I had the chance to meet the lovely and talented Samantha Pynn, HGTV host and currently Contributing Design Editor for Chatelaine magazine. She was presenting her new line at Simons, the ultimate Canadian collaboration, if you ask me.

samantha-pynn-simons-maison-ottawa-fashion-blog samantha-pynn-simons-ottawa-fashion-blog-2samantha-pynn-curtain-simons-ottawa-fashion-blog-3

Samantha hosted a guided tour of her line and talked a lot about how her travels greatly influenced her designs. She dreams up all the prints and decides what fabric to use. She also stressed the importance of investing in high-quality materials and fabrics, because they feel great and look amazing. The notion of investing in key pieces was all too familiar to me. That’s exactly what I say when it comes to fashion.

For example, I was looking for grown up curtains and decided to splurge on the Samantha Pynn navy and grey striped curtains. These curtains were the missing piece in my living room, they went with my current décor and really tied the room together. They were crisp, clean, and not too feminine. My husband was sold on them right away! I compare these curtains to investing in a really nice coat. A great coat can solidify any outfit, especially in our cool climate.


Next up, I bought a new table cloth, something that was going to match my new kitchen. I wanted something playful but mature, something that had a bit of colour, and would hold up to a 3-year old’s mess. I give you the Tamara table cloth (also, that’s my sister’s name!). I love the blue and grey tone in this table cloth. It works perfectly in my kitchen and ties in nicely with my navy accents in the living room. I compare this tablecloth to a great dress. You know, something fun that you can wear out and wear to work too. And, depending on the accessories you pair it with, the dress gets a whole new life.


What I loved most about Samantha, was hearing the charming stories that came out of each design and print. Whether it was the influence of the Portuguese tiles or importing the traditional cotton bathmat, it reminded me that we too can have a piece of the world, in our homes.  No need to travel far and wide to get it either! Knowing the person and the passion that is behind each fluffy towel, cozy bed sheet or elegant shower curtain, really gave life to the work she has created. I also love the fact that this collaboration is of premium quality and 100% Canadian!

samantha-pynn-towels-simons-ottawa-fashion-blog samantha-pynn-simons-ottawa-fashion-blog-4 samantha-pynn-simons-ottawa-fashion-blog samantha-pynn-simons-ottawa-fashion-blog-5
BONUS- If you head over to Simons, it looks like most her product line is now on sale!


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NYDJ: Styling Jeans on different body types

I had the opportunity to work with NYDJ and present their Fall line for a CTV segment this morning.
Whether you’re tall, plus, petite or average, NYDJ is revolutionizing the way women fit into their jeans. They are known for their “Lift Tuck” technology and elasticity in their premium denim. The jeans hold you in, and create a slender silhouette, which is why they are known for their sliming effect. The jeans are sold at, Hudson’s Bay and Nordstrom, and select specialty shops in the city. And if you’re going to buy a pair online, make sure you go ON SIZE DOWN! (I know, I know. Insert praise emoji here).
PRO TIP- I find these jeans fit even better on women with pear shape body types, and longer torso. The jeans come at the natural waistline and perfectly hug the body. If you are more of an apple shape, with thinner legs, you could consider dropping 2 sizes, although I would try them on first before purchasing.

5 looks for jeans on different body types

I was browsing their site, to pull clothes for the models and put looks together and was amazed by the different cuts and colour that the jeans came in. NYDJ has also expanded their apparel line, and makes beautiful, well-tailored tops, sweaters and blazers. All the clothes you see here are from NYDJ.

Look 1- Apple

The classic skinny pant with long flowy blouse is a nice way to conceal the tummy. The skinny jean showcases my “good legs” and the shine in the leather coated denim makes it look dressy.
Black waxed faux leather jean with white blouse and heels. The shiny, faux leather feel makes it look dressy and edgy Work appropriate, but with style.

Look 2- Tall/Slender

The very long sweater looks its very best on a tall woman and a cropped boyfriend jean alway looks fresh.


Wearing a boyfriend jean, black tank and long white cardigan. Ecco patent leather sneakers. Height is great for the long sweater. Playing with levels: cropped jean and long sweater

Look 3- Petite

Petite women need clothes that are made for their body, and NYDJ does this very well. A boyfriend jean, or copped jean works very well with a heeled bootie and helps to elongate the legs. Having a longer top also helps to elongate the silhouette.

LORENA BOYFRIEND (Similar- petite version not on website)

Wearing cropped jean with lace blouse and booties Petite jeans are made different and made to fit the petite frame Consider the length of tops too, as they fit different on petit women.

Look 4- Tall/curvy

Tall women with a curvy silhouette look great in a flare jean. The dark wash on the denim is extremely flattering and elegant for this look. Although theses items are standard length, NYDJ does carry a tall specific section on their site.


Wearing wide leg (flare) jean, python print neck tie blouse and black blazer and black heels. Tall girls look great in a wide leg, especially the hour glass figure. It compliments the flow of the pant very well. The blazer adds a nice accent to the waist.
Look 5- Curvy

Black skinny jeans are flattering for any shape and should be a staple in everyone’s closet. They draw the focus away from the legs and help to elongate the body. Cuffing them over the boot is a playful way to show off the boots as well.


Wearing a black skinny jean, white tank and black moto jacket. Very sliming and looks dressy. The moto jacket with leather details makes the look more edgy and youthful.


As you know, my specialty is styling larger, plus-size women. This was my first time styling for women with different body types, and I learned a lot! First, I never considered that petite women, need shorter and smaller clothes, not just smaller sizes. It sounds obvious, but I generally have an opposite problem, and would have never considered it, until I experienced it for myself. I now have a different appreciation for the petite selection. I also learned that many thin women, also have trouble finding clothes that suit their body types, and this just reassured me that we are all sort of struggling to work with what we have. I love learning from life experiences and this has brought me a fresh perspective on styling.

At the end of the day, I think it’s important to wear clothes that make us feel great. I typically don’t follow “rules” per se, but I realize that some women need the extra guidance, and that’s what my tips are for. The goal of my segment was to show the wide variety of looks you can create with women of all shapes and sizes.

In case you missed the segment, you can catch it here!

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Arm candy: wood watches by JORD make time so fly

I am such a watch person, are you? I wear one every day and actually use it for function and not just fashion. Apparently, it’s pat of my personality trait to keep time. I catch myself doing it all the time, it’s quite funny.

I got this lovely wood watch delivered to me the other day, and I took my time styling some gorgeous photos for this post. I had to refresh myself on taking manual images with my Canon EOS Rebel T3i, which I realize now is completely out of date! But it’s still new to me and has lots of miles left on it.

I really tried hard to showcase this lovely watch, by Jord. You know, do it justice! So I hope you enjoy my pics!

The watch

This Jord watch is the from the Frankie series, in Zebrawood and Navy ($189). I had a hard time choosing, I have to admit. All the watches are beautiful and unique in their own way. I love how navy is such a classic colour, and with the silver accents I knew I wouldn’t regret my choice. I also love how the face on this watch is simple and quite large, perfect for my big writs! It looks great on too. I wore it to work today and got loads of compliments. The watch is very comfortable and all the hardware is extremely durable, I was thoroughly impressed and couldn’t stop staring at my writs all day: typing, driving… I was in heaven!


About JORD

Jord makes beautiful highend and lightweight wood watches, that have both style and elegance laced in every link. Watches come in a variety of wood finishes including; ebony, koa, purpleheart, zebrawood, rosewood, sandalwood, maple and bamboo. You can order watches to custom fit your wrists. It makes sense, since you wouldn’t be able to find replacement links if it wasn’t your size. You also get a few extra links with every purchase.

Although they have a distinct women’s watch shop and men’s watch shop, I am pretty sure most are unisex, I mean I saw my husband drooling over my watch… and now I have to keep an eye on it!

Whether you’re in the market for a new watch or a unique gift idea, I think this one takes the cake!

The watch comes in a beautiful wood box, that doubles as a jewellery box.

Contest TIME

JORD is hosting a contest for you guys, my lovely followers! So, you too could be the owner of your very own gorgeous JORD watch! You have until November 13, so enter now!

Dior Sunnies, Jord wood watch and my new Atelier SYP necklace. So bad ass!

This post was sponsored by Jord wood watches

Wooden Watches Men

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Jalouse de mes lunettes? These Dior and Caroline Abram sunglasses can be yours

Aren’t they lovely (insert heart eye emoji). What I meant to say what that they can be yours at a fraction of the cost if you join me and my friends at Merivale Optometric on October 27 from 4-8 pm.

Les Parisiens Ladies Night is this year’s theme, hosted by owner and head Optometrist Dr. Joelle Zagury. She will be featuring Dior and Caroline Abrams sunglasses/prescription eyewear, and will be making a donation with each purchase to Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Zagury, who is no stranger to fashion and known to be a trend setter in the city, is a brilliant business woman (#girlboss) who has managed to slay the eyewear industry in Ottawa, by running a quaint, yet fully stocked shop in the heart of the busy Merivale Rd strip (just across the street from Nicastro’s.. that’s the secret I bet!). Merivale Optometric houses the best of the best when in comes to fashion eyewear and includes top brands like Jimmy Choo, Ray Ban, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Kate Spade and Burberry to name a few.

If you’ve been wanting a new pair of sunnies or need a new pair of glasses, please come by on October 27 and just have a peek, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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