Style Profile: Rosie Waugh of Secondhand Rose

Meet Rosie Waugh of Secondhand Rose. I like her style, so I asked her a few questions.

What’s your passion for fashion?

My passion for fashion started when I was much younger. I am incredibly shy and have been anxious my entire life and I have found that wearing interesting pieces is a great icebreaker. I’m not the best at typical small talk but I love bonding with people over shared interest and I find fashion to be the most relatable thing. My style has definitely evolved from when I was younger, I was much more wild back then, but I still love to break out the odd statement piece to gain some (hopefully positive) attention.

What XLusive tip can you share?

The most freeing moment in my fashion life was the moment that I decided to wear what I wanted to wear and to rock what makes me feel most comfortable. I’m definitely a bigger girl and I gravitate towards more boxy and oversized pieces which is something I’ve been told to stay away from my entire life. Throwing out all of the rules and not letting anyone tell you what to wear is such an amazing feeling! One tip that I’d like to share is to go shopping alone. That’s when I personally find my best pieces. I just concentrate on what I like and what I know I’ll wear and I block out all of the outside noise and pressure.

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Twitter & Instagram: @rosiexwaugh

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Style Profile: Sarah Zilliox from NodstromOtt

Sara Zilliox Style Profile Nordstrom Ottawa

This is the gorgeous Sarah Zilliox who works at Nordstrom Ottawa. I have been crushing on her style for a while so I asked her a few questions. (#lipsticktwins)

What’s your passion for fashion? I’ve always had a love for retro silhouettes, prints, and bold lips. I love the pursuit of finding unique pieces that inspire me to build an outfit around. I’m so intrigued by the power of transformation, growing up I would clip celebrity outfits and runway makeup looks from magazines to recreate with out the designer price tags. Even now I still love to mix high and low pieces, but my ‘eye’ has evolved into my own sense of style that becomes defined and refined over time.

What XLusive tip can you share? I am an avid online shopper, even if I go to try something on at store…I love to look at reviews and compare discounts. My advice is, NEVER pay full price! Almost every website (Eloquii, City Chic, Addition Elle, Ashley Stewart, etc.)  have almost weekly coupon codes. Nothing is better than getting an amazing find ON SALE!

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Instagram: @sarahzmcv

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Style Profile: Symone Peredur from The Polished Pretties

I think this would be my “proutfit ” – XO Symone

This is Symone Peredur, one of two gals from The Polished Pretties. I like her style, so I asked her some questions.

What’s your passion for fashion? My passion for fashion started when I realized that being fashionable wasn’t exclusive to a certain type of look. As a petit curve I found it EXTREMELY difficult to find outfits that looked cute and fashionable at the same time , but as soon as I got the hang of it I realized that fashion allows me to be creative and express my personality in different ways that doesn’t limit me to my size or height and i just love that! 

What XLusive tip can you share? An Xclusive fashion tip that I wish I knew when I started was learning how to pick key pieces ( I should have listened to my mom lol).
Key pieces for me are basic tanks, classic blazers and pretty jewelry. Staple pieces (these are usually pricey but so worth it ) and LOTS of dresses.

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Twitter: @thepolishedp_
Snapchat: thepolishedp

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Style Profile: Erin Coleman of Capital City Curves


I found Erin Coleman of Capital City Curves on Instagram looking for fellow curvy babes in Ottawa. I liked her style, so I asked her a few questions.

What’s your passion for fashion?
To me fashion is wearable art. It should evoke interest and wonder in the people that view it. It should tell a story about who you are and what goes on inside your head. That being said, I don’t have just one style. It’s constantly changing just as I am as an individual. Sometimes vintage and quirky; sometimes modern and simple. If it catches my interest, I’ll give it a try. I also like to mix vintage pieces with modern outfits. It creates interest and usually starts a story with strangers.

What XLusive tip can you share?
Try it on! Don’t feed into the idea that “certain styles” are only for “certain body types”. We are in an era of body positivity! (FINALY). It’s time to break all the fashion rules. Wear horizontal stripes and loose or tight fitting pieces! Experiment. If you love it, try it, and don’t get discourage if the first one you try doesn’t work, keep trying things on!

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Twitter: @erinrcoleman
Instagram: @capitalcitycurves

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