Chantsy’s Gift Guide: Have yourself a Uashmama Christmas

Ugh, I have a soft spot for these little paper bags, and I can’t shake it off! When I was unemployed over 3 years ago, I started a marketing and virtual assistant business, and Uashmama was one of my favourite clients to work with. See, the Canadian distributor is located right here in Ottawa! Although I didn’t have the chance to do some groundbreaking work, I did help the humble team with a few proposals and odd marketing jobs. I have to say, I do miss those days, but I am so grateful for my stability today. It’s sort of has come full circle, now that I get to work with them on the blog!

For those who don’t know, Uashmama (pronounced Wash+Mama), is a line of lifestyle goods made of leather-like paper. The paper fibre is treated like leather and offers a durability and similar look to leather and it’s all the way from Italy.


Uashmama makes different products for the household like their famous paper bag meant to be used as a gift bag, container or basket. They are both practical and beautiful! The toughest part is making a decision because you will want them all. There are so many great colours and sizes to choose from. I have some all over the house. In the bathroom, I use them to hold my hairbrushes, my hair products, makeup brushes and small towels. In the kitchen, I use them as a bread basket or a plant holder.

PRO TIP: I use a Uashmama bag to ripen my avocados! See? They are so very versatile!


And last but not least, they also have a gorgeous selection of handbags, wallets, purses, clutches, lunch bags, hampers, and.. backpacks! I have had my eye set on this chrome backpack since last year and finally it’s all mine! It will be travelling with us this January on our trip to Hawaii! (More on that later!)
uashmama-beauty-blog-ottawa-fashion-blog-mode-xlusive-chrome-backpack uashmama-beauty-blog-ottawa-fashion-blog-mode-xlusive-silver-backpack

These Uashmama bags are the perfect and original addition to your holiday gift giving this year. Two years ago, I used them as the container to my Christmas gifts, and for a joke, I put one as the star on top of my Christmas tree! That’s how much I love these little guys.

The main message here is that Uashmama is offering FREE SHIPPING for all your purchases until the end of the year. So if you hate paying for shipping, like me, this offer is for you!

A big thank you to Uashmama for supporting this post.

The photography on this post is brought to you by Debra Cowie, Ottawa’s famous product and food stylist! She has been a great photography and flatlay coach and is lovely to work with. Stay tuned for more of her great work on the blog!

I dug up some old photos from my Instagram, from two years ago… back when I used to get a whopping 7 likes! Bahahahaha

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PR Event: Ca Va De Soi- Luxury Knitwear

I was invited by Alyssa Beltempo, fellow Ottawa stylist, to attend a Fall Fashion presentation at Ca Va De Soi (Ottawa), a luxury knitwear boutique based out of Montreal, Canada. First, I want to point out that I was floored when I learnt that this is a family owned business based out of Montreal. I have to give credit to Montreal brands that hold the fashion fort for Canada. Un gros merci! (#supportCanadian)

The great news is that warmth is in, especially in Canada. Cashmere, Merino Wool, it’s all good, all year round. Ca Va De Soi takes great pride in offering blends and fabrics that are suitable for warmth, breathability, and wearability, all without compromising style. The classic cardigan, the versatile turtle neck, the oversized vest, we all need these staples in our wardrobe. You’re thinking “ok fine, but what about price?”. These gorgeous fabrics do come at a higher price, but these are classic investment pieces worth every dollar. They will last much longer than a cheap acrylic sweater. Because they are made of high quality knit, they come with excellent care instructions to make them last even longer. Not to mention, a good cashmere sweater is the softest coziest feeling against your skin.

Here are some lovely photos I took of the evening. Stay cozy my friends and do visit Ca Va De Soi if you are in the Byward Market.

Ca Va De Soi PR Event Ottawa Style Fashion Canadian Fashion Style Blog Mode XLusive Chantal Sarkisian Chantsy Montreal
Gabrielle Nasri, owner, is now taking over the business with her sister. This lady is truly lovely, and gorgeous! Love her turtleneck too!
Ca Va De Soi PR Event Ottawa Style Fashion Canadian Fashion Style Blog Mode XLusive Chantal Sarkisian Chantsy Montreal
This is Jake. He knows how to rescue knitwear! Great live demo on how to clean and iron your sweaters.
Ca Va De Soi PR Event Ottawa Style Fashion Canadian Fashion Style Blog Mode XLusive Chantal Sarkisian Chantsy Montreal
Rescuing and restoring natural fibres is quite easy as you can see.
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