#CallforChange: Celebrating WE Day with Francesco Yates and Telus

We are powerful. We are a movement. We will change the world.” Craig Kielburger, founder of We Day, chanted with the crowd on November 10, 2015 to get 16,000 students from over 500 schools, hyped up for the incredible day he had lined up for them.

WE Day Ottawa November 10 2015 Francesco Yates Telus Justin Trudeau Craig Kielburger

I have never seen such a site. An enormous room, filled with smart, passionate and driven kids ready to take on the world. These students worked extremely hard to be invited, yes invited, to take part in WE Day. You cannot buy a ticket. There are over 2 million students that apply, but only 200,000 make the cut. The 1-day lineup is jam packed with performers, singers, television hosts, inspiring people, movers and shakers. Yes, even Justin Trudeau graced us with his presence and passion! It’s only fitting, since Justin is the minister of youth and has already participated in three WE Days.

“WE Day is not about being leaders of tomorrow, it’s about being a leader TODAY”- Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister

The crowd goes wild for Sophie and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
The crowd goes wild for Sophie and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

I was extremely touched and impressed by not only the adults who inspired the crowd, but more so hearing the stories of how these children have raised upwards of 62 million dollars worth of social value for their community or for an international cause. That’s incredible. Just when you thought all was lost for the future generation. In fact, these students, who participate in Social activities, end up becoming more responsible and involved members of our society. Future leaders were in that room. That’s the message Craig was ultimately trying to convey to us, at our one-on-one session.

“The change happens in the young Canadians themselves, it’s not just about the fundraising. That’s a bonus. Youth vote more, are more aware and give back more to their community. The REAL heroes are the students in the audience (not the special guests invited to speak).” – Craig K

Craig Kielburger, founder of We Day, Free the Children and Me to We.
Craig Kielburger, founder of We Day, Free the Children and Me to We.

So where do I fit in, in all this?
You all know that I am an ambassador for young women entrepreneurs and I want to make a difference in this world. I wish they had WE Day when I was in school, I know I would have been right up there in that crowd. I was so fortunate and happy to participate in this event, even as an adult! I learnt a lot myself and will apply the passion and motivation that was shared in the room. As a mother, I was encouraged to make a difference in my son’s life, now that I have the tools to do it. It was an honour to support TELUS‘s initiatives at WE Day and help spread the love. For the fourth consecutive year, TELUS has helped inspire young leaders and support positive social change as the national co-title partner of We Day.

TELUS and Free The Children have a shared vision – together, they want to help engage and empower youth to harness their innovative ideas, make positive change and become community leaders, both locally and globally.

So, Francesco Yates teamed up with TELUS, MTV and EVERYONE to remix his hit song ‘Call’ to create the social anthem of our generation. Together, TELUS wanted to inspire young people to accept the call to change the world and start making a difference in their local communities.

Francesco Yates performing Call for the WE Day crowd

We had the opportunity to talk to Canadian singer/song writer, Francesco Yates, and ask him a few questions. First, I have to say that his live performance is always on point. I saw him at RBC Bluesfest this summer and he was fantastic. He’s a great dancer, musician and that voice! Second, he’s from Toronto and so I am … so… #softspot. Third, he was super chill. I asked him about his passion to support a cause like WE Day and asked if he ever attended one, when he was in school. He told us that his school always applied to go, but never made the cut and that it was pretty special to be a part of WE Day, under a different capacity this time. Yates wants to support youth and help them figure out the future, something he admits he is still doing every day. When TELUS approached him to remix his song “Call“, it all was a perfect fit.

How can you help?
It’s easy to give back. Watch the remix music video at http://ow.ly/SNpQi and share it with your friends using hashtag #CallForChange. For every video shared, TELUS will donate $10 to Free The Children, one of the many initiatives under the “WE.org” family of social good. I have made it even easier to give back: hop on Twitter and retweet my post below!


Today’s technology gives young leaders the power to change the world like never before. It gives people a voice, an audience and helps to amplify messages of positive social change. As a blogger, I can attest to this 100% and strive every day to inspire and motivate my readers. Sometimes it’s with beautiful clothes, helpful tips or funny stories, but today it’s about a #CallforChange.

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