Ding Dong Veggie Lady: Ottawa VeggieDrop delivers on fresh & local

I always get giddy when a fun, new, female owned Ottawa business starts up, and I get even more excited when I am asked to help promote it! This is the delivery I got on Sunday and I am so excited to tell you all about it.

Veggiedrop is Ottawa’s newest online grocery store providing high quality, organic, GMO-free produce and a vast selection of local grocery staples (like coffee, pasta, cereal and chocolate). And it all gets delivered right to your door! Talk about convenience.

The website is easy to use and organized in simple categories. I would recommend creating your profile first, then placing your order, but that’s just online shopping 101.

I was asked to spend $50, and had no idea where to start! The first thing I did, was peruse through the sale section. By doing this, I found delicious local shitake mushrooms. I also needed bananas, so I tripled my order on that. I did not need any more veggies because I still have lots of kale and tomatoes in the garden. I noticed the local section on the site and decided to splurge! I bought Equator coffee, Canadian made kamut pasta (to try it out), Alter Eco sea salt chocolate, nature’s path granola and some cashews. It was a pretty mixed bag of groceries, but I felt like stocking up my pantry. Overall, the prices are quite comparable to local grocery stores, and delivery in the Ottawa area is only $7. You can also pick it up for free.

I think Veggiedrop is perfect for a busy family who can place their order in advance and take advantage of the convenient delivery service, or pick up their order on the way home. I can also picture a university student who doesn’t have a car, but would appreciate some fresh local produce, totally loving Veggiedrop. I was a poor student once, and shlepping groceries sucks! I wish I could order my food online back then. Maybe this is the new “care package”, no more cookies for you… have an apple, a fresh local organic apple!

If you love a good deal like me, make sure you take advantage of this special and get 25% off on your first order! Use coupon code: vgfb25


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ECCO laces comfort and style in every pair of shoes

It’s funny. We can all name off a lot of brands, but at the end of the day, do you really know the details behind all your labels? Like where they are made? How much thought goes into design and functionality? The passion that drives the people behind the brand? I feel really blessed to get invited to store openings because it’s a chance to connect with these folks and learn first hand about what goes into each product.

I bring you Ecco, a global family-owned shoe brand from Denmark established in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy, who innovated traditional footwear. He strove to create shoes that fit the foot, were flexible, light and comfortable while staying true to the simplicity of Scandinavian design.

I’ll admit that although I appreciate functionality in my style, it is not the number one driver of my shopping choices. I don’t have fussy foot problems, and do wear heels quite often, so when I try on shoes I am really looking for fit and stability. My sister, on the other hand, is a runner and always looks for comfort. Because she is a huge Ecco fan, I brought her along with me. The good news at Ecco, is that you don’t have to compromise style over comfort. They have already done the hard work for you. All you need to do is pick a pair of shoes in your size that makes you smile. And that’s what we did!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the opening of CF Rideau Centre‘s newest Ecco store. Coincidentally, Ecco was also celebrating their 25 year anniversary that evening. That’s a long time to be in business folks. It was basically a “try on all the shoes party with your friends”, as in… my dream come true. You’ll see in the pics below that I have a beaming smile from ear to ear. You now understand why.

Ecco Shape is the latest line of footwear at Ecco that truly understands women and their feet. Using ultra sexy designs and print, the Shape collection was seriously designed with comfort in mind. These shoes include innovative features like a lowered heel inside the shoe that gives the illusion of a high heel on the exterior, making the shoes that much more comfortable. Now that is insane attention to comfort! The heels are sturdy and thick and the top of the shoe is not overly pointed, which keeps your toes safe. There are also lots of great colours and textures to chose from this season, including burgundy suede and black & white snake skin, my weakness!

I had my eye on the black leather back pack (pictured below)… thinking of treating myself for my birthday… which is coincidentally this FRIYAY!! You’ll also see pics of Linda (from A Labour of Life), fellow local blogger and Ottawa makeup artist Melody Iafelice rocking her edgy style. Also, I need her t-shirt.

Women shape the world- We shape their shoes

I really struggled to find the perfect pair of shoes. I must have tried on a dozen and loved them all! After much debating, and justifying, I finally made my decision. I have been wanting black leather sneakers for a while, and although they had a mat version, I felt like upping my game with a little patent leather shine! You can catch me wearing these with jeans, dresses and skirts this fall, maybe even to the grocery store. We’ll see how fabulous I am feeling that day!



Thank you to Ecco for gifting me these lovely sneakers!

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Back to Basics: How to pack a big punch in a small bag

Last week I talked about going “Back to basics“, not that getting a new Marc Jacobs purse (from Valamode!)  is going basic, but the trouble here is that I am a pack rat. Even when it comes to my purse. I carry everything with me at all times. Bandaid? Makeup? Hair clip? Purell? Yes, yes, yes! The question is, do I need it all?

My son Victor is 3.5 years old, which is why I am now embracing the SMALL PURSE MOVEMENT! Only those who have carried a diaper bag for 2.5 years will understand that a mommy can not in her right mind get away with carrying a small bag, if you’re going out for more than 1 hour with your kid. Victor and I are used to going out on full-day trips, so, being paranoid about forgetting anything, my diaper bag has always been overpacked and ready for any situation! It’s time to let go of the past and learn to pack a lean purse!

Last night, I used my small purse for the first time and packed:

  • cash, debit card, M/C and ID
  • compact mirror and lipstick
  • phone
  • gum
  • business cards

It’s truly all I needed for a night out! Not sure I could use this for a day trip with Victor though, but it’s a start!


Now for the juicy part. I bet you’re asking what the heck is Valamode? Well my friends, Valamode is Ottawa’s top authentic luxury online consignment shop! My friend Dia is the powerhouse behind this amazing local business. She scours the closets of fashionistas all over Canada and the US and makes your designer wishes come true! She is known as the luxury matchmaker. If you are on the hunt for a specific designer bag, watch, bangle, belt or shoes, she will find it for you! I always say, everyone needs a Dia in their life. On that note, if you’re looking to sell your designer goods, she can help you there too!

Dia runs her store online and in person, and typically hosts pop-ups around the city throughout the year. I always keep an eye out on her website or send her a note if I am looking for something in particular (a.k.a the small purse!) But here’s the thing, her stuff sells quickly, and she can barely keep up with postings on her site. So, my suggestion is if you like something, don’t sit on it, because it will sell.

Burberry purse Valamode

I was dragging my feet on a tiny Burberry bag, and it sold in less than a week. But its okay, because something else will come around, and it did!

I got so many compliments on this little baby last night, and I can’t wait to welcome it into my closet!

#redcarpet look for International Humanitarian Fashion Week with Unesco @unesco @ihfashionweek

A photo posted by Ottawa • Canadian Blogger (@chantsy) on

valamode-ottawa-fashion-blog-marc-jacobs-luxury-consignment-purse valamode-ottawa-fashion-blog-marc-jacobs-luxury-consignment-shopping valamode-ottawa-fashion-blog-marc-jacobs-luxury-consignment-ottawa-fashion-blogger

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Celebrating the latest in Ottawa men’s fashion with Strellson at CF Rideau Centre

Last week I was invited to take a peak inside the new Strellson store that opened in the newly expanded wing of the CF Rideau Centre. Strellson is a men’s clothing line and is Switzerland’s largest menswear manufacturer. You may be familiar with this line, as it is also found at the Hudson’s Bay.

Now, I don’t typically blog about men’s fashion or formally know much about it, but I am the primary stylist of my household, much like you gals out there. I not only have to dress my son, but I dress my (handsome) husband too! It’s not fair, they both look great in anything and have 0 curvy issues to deal with!

Any chance I get, I love getting all the latest details in men’s fashion. Which is why I was thrilled to watch David Altow, Director of Sales Strellson, give us the perfect presentation on key Strellson pieces and this year’s must haves (Ahem- BOMBER JACKET!)! You can watch the entire presentation in the video below. But if you are lazy, here are some key takeaways:

  1. Men get to wear cozy stretchy fabrics and still look like a million dollars at work
  2. Men must also consider the art of layering! It looks great and it’s perfect for temperature control
  3. Men’s clothes seem to be more “travel friendly” and most garments consider convenience, compactibility, versatility and portability (Ex: light-weight coats that keep you warm, dry, dressy and can easily get packed in your small bag)
  4. Technology is always considered, and never compromised whether it’s through innovative fabrics or pockets that hold your devices
Strellson CF Rideau Centre Ottawa Men's Fashion Blog Zack Smith Senators
Me posing with Ottawa Senator Zack Smith, Strellson brand ambassador

Zack Smith and David were challenged to a “Fashion-off” initiated by fellow Ottawa blogger Marilou Moles of 20 York Street. She did a fantastic job of getting each guy to pull their top 5 favourite picks! I was asked to be a judge and ended up siding with Zack. As the fashion underdog, he pulled some great looks that I could see my husband wearing. Also he is cute. In the end David won!

Totally loved the sports jacket Zack is wearing with an optional puffy coat front-panel.
Strellson CF Rideau Centre Ottawa Men's Fashion Blog Zack Smith 2
The thin and warm puffy coats and bomber jackets are all the rage! GO GET ONE NOW!!! (PS- That’s Marilou!)

Strellson CF Rideau Centre Ottawa Men's Fashion Blog Zack Smith 3

The staff were super friendly and helpful. I’ll be headed there again soon to play stylist with my husband! You should go too 🙂

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