Back to basics: the natural way of life

I was in my yoga class and the teacher reminded us that our breath was the first thing we did when we were born, which is why we sometimes take it for granted and don’t conscientiously think about it.

As I was “thinking about nothing” in my pose (ha ha ha… or trying to anyway), I figured that going back to basics what part of a formula that we naturally gravitate to, in times when we are confused, exhausted or overwhelmed. We’ve been bread to achieve growth as our main goal in life, which inevitably leads to chaos. But you can’t fool Mother Nature’s cycle of life who will have us seeking simplicity and minimalism in due time.

When we have too much clothes, we purge and build a capsule wardrobe that does the trick. When our business grows too fast, we stop and evaluate why we started it in the first place. We pay people to sleep in tents outside and get pleasure from cooking our food on the fire.

As much as it sounds counterintuitive, going back to basics is a sign of growth and a rite of passage. You can’t go back, if you haven’t moved forward. If you’re feeling like you need a time out, in life, in your relationship, in your health or your business, consider the notion of “going back to basics” and see where it takes you.

I promise it won’t disappoint.

On that note, I will soon publish the results of my readership survey! I was feeling lost and detached from my readers and wanted to connect. My survey was a way for me to get back to basics, and remember why I started this blog in the first place!

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