Ottawa Elite Club: A private dinner with Jessica Mulroney by Metro Ontario

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a top secret event, held at the Museum of Nature. All I knew was that Metro Ontario was sponsoring a dinner and Jessica Mulroney was the guest of honour. The event photographer, Katherine Holland was gracious enough to send her photos for me to share!

I was greeted with smiling faces and offered a glass of bubbly as soon as I got to the cocktail area in the cave at the museum. Right away, I knew I was in good hands. Then, I do a double take… Is that Rachel Zane  Maghan Markle I see by the dinosaurs? It can’t be! It was 🙂

You all know that I am a huge fan of Rachel Zane’s corporate wear and have even made reference to her style in my post “What’s a Capsule Wardrobe and Why you Need One?“. Meghan was very sweet and patient with my embarrassing fan girl moment. I get so shot up with nerves that my instinct is to cry… Control yourself woman! I need to get better at meeting famous people if I am going to be in the biz (plant seed here). Luckily, I worked up the courage to introduce myself to Jessica at the end of the night and also managed to snap a quick picture!

Metro Ontario sponsored the elegant meal prepared by the chefs from the Westin Hotel. The dinner was lovely, and I am sad that I don’t remember now how everything tasted. I just remember that everything was decadent, delectable and delicious! I admire Metro’s commitment to supporting the community and look forward to seeing the impact of the changes brought on by their new corporate direction. Listen up people- Metro is reinventing themselves, and they are here to stay!

Before I forget, I know most of you were curious to see what was waiting for me at home in this lovely box…

Well, it was a sweet surprise alright! I already started digging into the chocolate cherry mix… OMG! Do these folks know that I am on Weight Watchers??? hahaha #Donttellmytrainer

Metro Ontario chocolate and cookies Irresistibles line Chantal Sarkisian Ottawa Fashion Blog


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Delta Ottawa’s Lift Lounge offers a ‘True Canadian Experience’

Canadian fare is more than just peameal bacon and poutine. Chefs from Delta & Marriott Hotels across the country, like Stefan Müeller, Eric Larcom, Robert Gendreau and Ottawa’s own Executive Chef Jason Duffy, are here to prove it!

Introducing, “A True Canadian Experience by Lift”. It is a one-of-a-kind culinary event happening this week (January 27-29 2016 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) at Lift lounge, Delta’s newest eatery. This all-you-can-indulge event is an opportunity to celebrate the best of everything Canada has to offer; from arts and music to food and beverage.

The coast-to-coast menu will present focal eats from different regions across Canada– Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and the Maritimes. Think Alberta beef and East coast oysters, meet Ontario duck and Quebec maple, my mouth is salivating just thinking about this.

“Featuring local musicians and skilled artists like painters, sculptors, LIFT is stepping up as the new venue providing a platform for local artists to showcase their talents in Ottawa!”

It doesn’t get any more local/Canadian than this!

Tickets are $49.95 plus tax and include a wine & beer tasting for two hours. You can purchase them here. For more details about the event, check out their Facebook event page.

So, to all of those who are looking for a date night or a way to spice up your winter, please join me for #ExperienceLift and indulge in a ‘True North Strong and Free’ evening. I’ll be there on Wednesday night, I hope to see you there!

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Knock ’em Dead Makeup Looks for OWFF’s #HauteHalloweenOTT Red Carpet Welcome

Only if you live under a rock, would you not know that the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival is happening from Friday, October 30, to Sunday, November 1, 2015. But timing this year is impeccable. Not only is the OWFF celebrating their 30th anniversary, but it falls on Halloween weekend. #Spooky

As most of my followers know, I was a makeup artist in my past life. I still dabble here and there, but in order to keep the passion alive, I try to limit my work. My only exception, of course, is Halloween! I love Halloween makeup and face painting. It’s the one time of year that I get to test my limits, use crazy colours and open up my creative channels that are blocked by the every day mundane.

The #HauteHalloweenOTT Red Carpet Welcome at the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival on Saturday, October 31 is the perfect opportunity to dress up with a little Halloween flare. Ghoulish and glamorous guests with ‘Arrive After 5 Haute Halloween Welcome’ tickets  are encouraged to dress in their most opulent, outrageous costumes and walk the red carpet. But please, dict the masks and weapons. Four celebrity guests will be judging between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and will choose one lucky winner. The prize? A $7500 trip for two to the Barbados Food, Wine and Rum Show!

Ok, so you’re going to the OWFF, but the age old question remains? What shall I wear to the affair?But what shall I wear?Worry not! I have a few looks to help you take your makeup look from Glam Night to Vamp Fright! If you’re not into the ghoulish scene, maybe you would rather a softer look of Woodland Creatures. The important thing is to have fun and be original!

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PR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #5ive5ifteen

On Thursday, October 15, 2015, I attended #5ive5ifteen, an event hosted by Blackbook Lifestyle, an Ottawa based PR and Events company, who was celebrating five successful years in the business! This was a tag team event executed at the Arc Hotel, a boutique hotel in the heart of the downtown core, who coincidentally was also celebrating an anniversary, 15 years in the biz. Hence, #5ive5ifteen.

I headed to the event straight after work, and posted a typical outfit selfie on Instagram after a lady cat-called out of her window at me “I love your shoes!”. At the event, we were presented with the Arc Hotel’s latest menu items, developed by their new Executive Chef, Jason Peters. I have never been inside this hotel, much less eaten at their restaurant. That’s why I love attending these events, you really get to experience new places to eat and open your repertoire of evening outs. Between the chicken on a bed of couscous, to the skirt steak on polenta and magical scallops on a bed of pureed cauliflowers, I had the opportunity to sample what this hotel can offer. Delicious and healthy food. I was pleasantly surprised and my belly was full!

The entire event was executed flawlessly and once again we were left amazed with how Blackbook Lifestyle brings their events to life. Step and Repeat photographer at the entrance, famous models and handsome bouncers at the door, added to the red-carpet experience.

The drinks were flowing, the food was devoured and the dance floor was packed. I connected with new faces and chatted with familiar ones. I had a blast!  I truly hope there were no pictures of me dancing when the reggae came on though!

All in all, this was a great event and really allows Ottawa to showcase its local talent and thirst for social culture.

PR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteenPR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteenPR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteen PR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteen PR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteenPR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteen
PR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteen PR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteen PR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteen PR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteen PR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteen PR Event: Blackbook Lifestyle and Arc Hotel celebrate #FiveFifteenParty photos by Eric Vance PHOTOGRAPHER + STYLIST
Media Wall photos by Quame Scott- Q3 Studio

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