2015 “Top 10 Reads” List

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When New Years comes around, I love looking back and evaluating everything that I have accomplished in the last year. It’s a promise that I make to myself and that I keep! 2015 has truly marked a significant milestone in my blogging career and I can’t wait to see where 2016 leads me. I have lots in store, so do stick around!

In case you only started tuning in as of late, you may be interested in my “Top 10 most read articles” on the blog this year!

  1. Plus Size Models in the Media
  2. Why can’t we accept Lena Dunham’s self-acceptance?
  3. Transformation: My 6 Month Weigh-In
  4. The Secret to a Great Full Body Shot
  5. Transformation: A Weight Loss Journey
  6. Ottawa’s Newest & Not-So Common Concept Shop
  7. Simons Gatineau- Now Open!
  8. Fashion Truck Canada
  9. Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show 2015 Recap
  10. Plus-Size Summer Style Guide in BHBB Magazine

Happy Reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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What to wear: Holiday Family Photos


I wanted to take a moment to wish you all, my dear gorgeous readers, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I am so in love with these photos we did for Christmas, with Kristy Chapman. You would have already seen my holiday outfit post on “Festive Fashion“, but in these post I am sharing the family pics. But as you can see, the main focus in these pictures is my brand new kitchen, although renovated by my husband almost one year ago.

I know that figuring out the “family outfit” can be somewhat of a challenge. It’s a fine balance between not too matchy matchy, and well coordinated to get a cohesive look. This year’s theme was “Plaid”… and funny hats! Last year we went with “Canadian Tuxedo”. Awe, Victor is so much  younger in that pic (sorry, mommy moment).

Here are some great tips on organizing a family photo shoot.




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Wardrobe Malfunctions


You’re at work, a little late, because you couldn’t decide what to wear. You frantically choose something and rush out the door. But, low and behold, as soon as you get to work, the regret sets in. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever suffered a wardrobe malfunction?

I’m sure everyone has experienced this sort of problem with their outfit. Maybe your…

  • Skirt is too short?
  • Blouse button is pulling at the chest?
  • Shoes are too tight?
  • Tights have a run?

Well, today I wore a blouse that was pulling at the chest, and it made me feel so uncomfortable. I hate tugging at my clothes all day long. You almost draw more attention to yourself when you’re fidgeting.

A few months back, I was contacted by a Canadian company called More Front Room. And they specialize in just that, providing clothes with more space in the chest area! They could have really come in handy today.

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Product Review: GotyGoty Workout Set

Well, this is me in my new workout gear. It’s called GotyGoty Hotwear and they are, well, hot!

I was asked to do a review on this new workout gear and to provide my honest feedback, so here goes. 

I have been using the top and pants (both size L) for almost 2 weeks. I have done yoga and circuit training in them.

The material of the clothes are quite interesting. When I opened the package, my first impression was that it felt like a scuba diving suit. It’s a little bit more stiff, thick and more noisy (material swishes around when you move) than I am used too. When you put on the clothes, they instantly heat up. I would say this is the best type of clothing to be working out in during cold weather. My personal trainer told me that the extra heat was really good for my back too (I have back muscle problems).


The clothes feel really good on. They are tight but not restrictive. They hold you in really nicely and to be honest, it’s very flattering on me. I do feel like I’m in a scuba suit though! 

So the material that heats up, is meant to make you sweat more, and in turn make you lose weight faster while you’re working out. I have only been using the clothes for two weeks, and between Christmas lunches, chocolates and cookies, I don’t think it’s a fair assessment to say that I have lost weight because of these clothes. However, I can attest 100% that these clothes make you sweat! By the end of your workout they are soaking wet. Obviously the more intense your workout the more sweat you generate.

As far as weight loss is concerned when it comes to over-sweating, personally I think you’re just losing your extra water weight. Keeping your body warm while you work out is really great for flexibility, but I’m not convinced that it will make me lose more weight, burn the fat or generate muscle. But if it does, I’m not complaining! It’s similar to hot yoga. The heat makes me feel really flexible, which I love! Someone once told me though, that over-sweating during hot yoga was almost an illusion of working hard. He said, in fact, you should be sweating that much, when you’re doing regular yoga, for a true rigorous yoga workout.


I would definitely recommend these clothes for someone who has knee injuries or needs that heat to create the extra flexibility. I’d also recommend the GotyGoty system to folks who workout in the cold, or run outside in the winter.  At about $30 per item (currently on sale), it’s a great deal! Also, it’s Canadian and love that!

I give this product a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 stars.

I’ll keep wearing my outfit and let you know if I see any results in the new year!

In case you missed it, over the last year I have lost almost 20 pounds and have been working out consistently with a personal trainer. I have a whole “transformation” series of posts on the blog. You may find them motivating and inspiring, especially if you’re considering adopting a healthier lifestyle in the new year…. of course!

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