City of Om 2017: Chataround up your besties for this ama-ZEN Ottawa yoga event

Nothing gives me more pleasure than a good old fashioned yoga pun! But what gives me even more pleasure is practicing yoga and knowing how to heal my body and mind with it.

Yoga is a powerful thing, only practicians truly understand. You’ll get it, once you get into it. Yes, it can be a little “religious” or “spiritual” in the beginning, but you get used to it. You just need to work on finding a yoga teacher that suits your style. I found yoga, or yoga found me, while I was on maternity leave. I used to suck, could barely do any moves and did not know how to shut my brain off. I now practice once a week, have found the off switch (yep, the hardest thing I’ve ever done!) and I am completely hooked. Most of all, I love monitoring my progress, in a low pressure and judgment-free environment.

At this point in my life, I need it. My body craves it, and it’s actually my medicine. It helps me keep my body stronger, leaner and more flexible. It’s also what keeps my lower back pain at bay. Yep, all I need is a good stretch in my glutes and hips and bam- no more back pain! No amount of pain meds, chiro, massage, and pysio could help me… I just need to stretch! It’s fascinating.

My busy brain also needs to shut off, and nothing can make me shut off quite like shavasana (baby nap at the end of each session). I mean, if exercise comes with a nap at the end, you’d have to be dumb not to do it! I also think yoga should be mandatory for everyone. If it was, we’d have fewer problems in the world, and lot more happy/calm people. Go to a board meeting after yoga, and you’ll be shocked at how calm you can remain in even the most difficult situations. Ergo, world peace.

City of Om 2017

Whether you’re a full-on yogi or new to practice, you’re going to want to join me at City of Om 2017 on Saturday, June 3 at Lansdowne Park. It’s Ottawa’s only full-day outdoor and indoor yoga event offering classes that are suitable for all levels.

Make sure you grab your ALL ACCESS FESTIVAL PASS and join the EXIT FREE SPIRIT 5K RUN. To conclude the fabulous event, I hear the PURE LOVE AFTERPARTY is not to be missed!

BUY TICKETS NOW! Use code ‘chantal@cityofom’ to save 10%

Check out a few amazing photos that I grabbed from the City of Om website, just to give you a glimpse into the event and what you can expect. There is lots to do and lots to see, including workshops, live music, and a special marketplace. I really hope you can carve out some “me time” on June 3 and I look forward to seeing you there!


So happy to be partnered with City of Om as a local influencer!


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