Transformation: 5 Tips to Weight Loss

 Again, this is not a weight loss or health blog, but a motivational one. Odds are that if you are tuning into a plus size fashion blog, you are either searching for inspiration, motivation and/or fashion ideas. Or, you could be on the opposite side of the spectrum trying to discover the secrets of plus size women. Hopefully my readers are not into fat shaming… that would be awful!

So, if you are contemplating “getting into shape-dieting-working out-losing weight”… whatever you want to call it, here are my 5 tips:

  1. Do it when your brain says it’s ready, do it for yourself. Literally, do it when you are ready. if a car doesn’t have an engine, it won’t work. If your brain doesn’t have running shoes on, it’s not getting on that treadmill. Because your brain, mind, body, spirit all need to be aligned to get anything done, terms like motivation and determination won’t come naturally. When I say do it for yourself, I mean it. Don’t expect people to notice, especially in the beginning. You will be strong enough to stay motivated.
  2. Eat right. I hate gimmicks. I eat real food. No pills, powders or pulverized produce. I eat more vegetables and fruits, make my meals from scratch and avoid processed food at all cost (just because it’s gross). I eat sweets that are worth going into my mouth (if it’s not home made, it’s probably taste like crap). I eat carbs and starch, but less on my plate. I started Weight watchers 15 weeks ago and have lost 15.6 lbs on it. Some say it’s stupid, but I say it’s the person who is stupid. You are literally in control of everything. You make it work for yourself. At first I struggled, I wanted to be on this program while maximizing my nutrition, not just counting calories. I found a rhythm that really works for me. What I love most about it is the meetings. I look forward to tracking my weight every Monday and sharing not only my struggles, but my achievements. We share tips with each other, recipes and stories. It nurtures the part of my brain that is also on a weight loss journey (see #1).
  3. Exercise. Eating’s better half. These two Es come as a pair. Eating makes you lose the weight, working out makes you tighter and toned. It also helps move the process along much faster. I didn’t see real numbers dropping until I started working out. Just move your body, move it in the way it prefers. Walk, bike, run, swim… find what works for you. I got a personal trainer, because again it feeds my brain ( see #1 again). I need to be accountable to someone. She helped me with a routine and looks out for my best interest. What about injuries? Well, I flared up a reoccurring shoulder injury from 2 years ago about 3 weeks into my workout plan. I was devastated. How am I supposed to workout now with this painful shoulder? If my brain wasn’t ready, I would have given up a long time ago. But again, I am determined, so it’s a no brainer (see what I did there? if you don’t get the joke, see #1 again).
  4. Commit. Stop the excuses, put it in your calendar and make time for yourself. Book an appointment with your favourite person in the world, YOU! Put it in your calendar. Stop making all the excuses in the world and be honest with yourself. Did you miss a workout? no big deal. Just be good that day and eat better. Tomorrow is a new day chicka! Start all over again.
  5. Celebrate small victories. Not with bad food, with things that won’t live on your waist. Buy flowers at the grocery store, get new runners or workout clothes. Buy yourself a new transition outfit. Freshen up your accessories with a new scarf, sunnies, hat or purse. Literally buy anything except junk food and booze. Have a closet party instead. Have a solo fashion show and try on all the clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Pull out motivation close and see if you can zip that little black dress from 7 years ago (btw- I am almost there people!)

These are all motivating tips, but I must admit… I have a fear of going back to where I was. I don’t want to gain the weight back. I have become a bit obsessed with the scale, but that is something I need to get over. I never said I was perfect, I am sharing my journey with you, so you are hearing it all.. raw!

So my last tip is VISUALIZATION. When I work out, I think of having a flat tummy, a lean back and strong legs. When I’m feeling like I want to give up, I think of how summer is coming and what I will FEEL like in my bikini (not look, feel).

I hope my posts are helping you process your own thought on losing weight or getting into shape. I am happy to answer your questions, so please leave your comments below. Don’t be shy, that’s the worst thing you can do for yourself.

xox Chantsy

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