One year older- 20 lbs lighter

It’s no secret, today is my birthday! But if  you follow me online, you already knew that. What you wouldn’t know is that my life has completely changed in 1 year, both physically and professionally.

This picture was taken on my birthday last year… When I was in a tough place in my life. I lost my job after going on maternity leave and was unemployed for a total of 6 months. That summer I stated a Marketing and Communications company to support small businesses, called “Go-to Girl”. I stared a networking group for young business women “Ottawa Networking Superwomen” and hosted countless business and social events. I started this blog and built my empire slowly.

Fast forward to 1 year…

I landed an awesome and stable job, I started seeing a personal trainer, I joined weightwatchers, lost 20lbs and I’m at the best physical shape of my life! My blog has exploded and I’m getting noticed! And you know what? It feels pretty damn good! 

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and for your encouragement throughout these tough and exciting times. You really get to know who are the people that truly care for you in these times.

Cheers to another fantastic year!

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