The importance of looking sleek

I love dressing up and choosing the right outfit. Lots of time is spent on selecting the right clothes for the right occasion.

Sometimes we pick out an outfit and it looks great laid out on our bed. Then you try it on… Disaster!
Too many bumps and rolls in the wrong the wrong places.

Accepting your size and buying clothes that fit are paramount to looking your best. If you don’t want to accept the current size that you’re in, invest in less expensive ” transition” clothes. Consignment and thrift shopping is ideal. If you like buying quality, then invest in key pieces like a great winter coat and properly fitting jeans. We all want to be leaner, but it takes time, so let’s look great while we are losing the weight.

Important investments:
– the properly fitting and supportive bra
– shape wear (like spanx) and compression stockings work wonders for dressing up
– buy the bigger size and have it tailored to fit your properly
– as mentioned above invest in key pieces like a great coat (your winter outfit), properly fitted jeans and a flattering sweater or cardigan (for spring, fall and winter).

You’re NOT fooling anyone if your jeans are this tight. Nothing bothers me more than chubs hanging out of your pants. Hint- wear a flowy top with tight jeans to cover the bulge.

About this image, I am not posting it to make fun. This girl is probably a smaller size than me, but my point is that no matter what your size, this look is flattering on NOBODY! Please, buy a larger size or cover the bulge with a sweater or flowy shirt.

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