Transformation: Swap & Commit

I did it. I started the pile. I am committed to swapping out all my old, frumpy clothes, for smaller sizes that fit me and flatter me better now. I just can’t wear clothes that look big on me. I have earned the right to wear fitted clothes and to show off my new curves. I want to feel sexy again.

This past weekend, I ventured off to Tanger Outlets (Kanaka) and scored some major deals on: a new pair of white jeans, a new pair of jean shorts and a jean jacket. I had to get used to picking out smaller sizes for myself… Also, it’s nice not being disappointed in the change room.

“It fits!” She hollered from the fitting room.

It’s really difficult to let go, especially if you love your wardrobe and have taken so much time and effort to build it. Some are key basics, some pieces are from my travels. But really, it’s just clothes. I have to learn to let go of them.

It seems glamorous to have a fashion blog, but I purchase everything that you see on here. And trust me, it gets expensive! I wish I was at the point where people were throwing things at me in exchange for a little product review or a shout out.

I am no charity case, but I am writing this post to announce that I would like to sell my gently used favorites for an exceptional price. I’m talking $5 a piece kinda deals.

Keep an eye out on my Facebook album where I’ll be selling my stuff online. If you’re looking for clothes between sizes14 and 16, or XL, this might be a nice way to get some new pieces in your closet for a fraction of the price!

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  1. Hi Chantal!

    I don’t know you personally but I stumbled across your blog and I’m also living in Ottawa and have some clothes to sell/trade/share. I’ve heard of other cities doing a plus size swap (because us curvier beauties deserve to score and trade lovely pieces too!) — what would you think if one was organized for Ottawa? I’m definitely interested in seeing what you have πŸ™‚


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