Craving Botox? Try Mériance Collagen anti-aging skin care first

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This year I turned 35, and for the first time in my life, I see my skin starting to age, particularly the fine lines around my eyes and the deep lines in my forehead. It seems to get worse in the afternoon, when I am extra dehydrated! The thing is, I have mixed feelings about it. Part of me wants to call it quits and get Botox, and the other part of me wants to attempt to reverse and slow down the signs of aging with healthier habits and a stronger skincare routine. When Canadian cosmetics brand, Mériance Collagen reached out to me to test their anti-aging skin care line, I knew this beauty assignment was the perfect opportunity to distract my Botox craving.

Before I go on, I’d like to say that I have nothing against Botox and fillers, and I imagine I will get it at some point in my life. I’m just not ready to start right now, that’s all.

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Style Profile: Laura Kidd of The Fashion Kidd


This is Laura of The Fashion Kidd. I like her style, so I ask her a few questions.

What’s your passion for fashion? I like how clothes can have the ability to express my personality. Getting dressed in the morning is something I look forward to. Each day is a fresh start and opportunity to look however I want. 

What XLusive tip can you share? If you like it, just wear it. Be uniquely you. People always think they have to follow rules or dress for other people when really there are no rules and you should just dress for you. 

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