Craving Botox? Try Mériance Collagen anti-aging skin care first

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This year I turned 35, and for the first time in my life, I see my skin starting to age, particularly the fine lines around my eyes and the deep lines in my forehead. It seems to get worse in the afternoon, when I am extra dehydrated! The thing is, I have mixed feelings about it. Part of me wants to call it quits and get Botox, and the other part of me wants to attempt to reverse and slow down the signs of aging with healthier habits and a stronger skincare routine. When Canadian cosmetics brand, Mériance Collagen reached out to me to test their anti-aging skin care line, I knew this beauty assignment was the perfect opportunity to distract my Botox craving.

Before I go on, I’d like to say that I have nothing against Botox and fillers, and I imagine I will get it at some point in my life. I’m just not ready to start right now, that’s all.

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Mériance_anti_aging_skin_care _Collagen_Botox_Canadian_Canada_Beauty_Blog_Blogger_Chantsy

Results after using Meriance Collagen anti-aging skin care for 2 weeks

I adhered to a strict Mériance Collagen skin care routine for 2 weeks, morning and night, and I documented my Collagen journey via Instagram stories (see Collagen✨ highlights to watch the progression).


Products I used:

  • Mériance Native Collagen Gel (day/night)
  • Mériance Collagen Rejuvenating Serum (day/night)
  • Mériance Anti-Aging Collagen Cream (day/night)
  • Mériance Eye Contour Cream (day/night) only available in AHA Skin Brightening Trio kit
  • Mériance Night Repair Cream (night only)

Short-term results:

Immediately after using Mériance Collagen skin care products, I noticed that my skin was well hydrated, and the products filled my fine lines. Specifically I believe that the thicker consistency of the Mériance Anti-Aging Collagen Cream contributed to the smoothening of the skin. This made my makeup application seamless and gave a smooth finish to my look.

After applying the nigh repair cream, I also noticed that I had a fresh face in the morning. The Night repair cream contains Vitamin C, which can contribute to the brightness I was experiencing. Just to be clear, I did not experience any tingling sensation that a pure Vitamin C product would normally give.

Mériance_anti_aging_skin_care _Collagen_Botox_Canadian_Canada_Beauty_Blog_Blogger_Chantsy

Long-term results:

After using the Mériance Collagen skin care routine for 2 weeks morning and night, I noticed that my skin was clear and had a youthful bounce to it. The deep lines in my forehead remained unchanged, but the fine lines around my eyes seemed to have improved a bit.

Overall impression:

I was very happy to use the Mériance Collagen skin care routine. I will continue to use it, so I can hopefully experience the long-term effects of the products. The products were very gentle, and I loved the gentle musk scent of the Mériance Anti-Aging Collagen Cream, albeit it was a little thicker consistency that I am used to. My favourite products were the eye contour cream, the native collagen gel and rejuvenating serum.

I have a lot of sun damage on my chest and the skin on my chest is showing signs of aging. For this reason, I also started using the products on my chest and neck, and I hope it will make a difference there too. As far as my craving for Botox, it’s still there but I am hopeful that using higher end products, like Mériance, will help slow things down a bit and give me more time to make my decision.

If you visit the Mériance website, make sure you use the “age” category and other “skin type” filters to see what products they recommend for you. I also noticed that they have starter kits on sale, which could be a great way to try this skin care routine. Of course, don’t forget to use my promo code “ModeXlusive50” to save $50 on your order.

Use promo code “ModeXlusive50” to save $50 off your Mériance order

Mériance_anti_aging_skin_care _Collagen_Botox_Canadian_Canada_Beauty_Blog_Blogger_Chantsy

The Science behind Meriance’s Canadian Marine Collagen and Algae

If you research “benefits of Collagen” or “Collagen for skin” you will encounter words like “hydrolysed collagen” which means that long strands of collagen proteins are being cut chemically with hydrogen to create smaller strands of protein (peptides) that will actually penetrate the skin.

Mériance Collagen prides itself on its native collagen extracted from Canadian fish in the St-Laurence River, which naturally occur in a size that will penetrate the skin. This means the collagen found in Mériance products is pure and not chemically manipulated.

Mériance’ s most recent research work includes fucus, a brown algae (seaweed) harvested in the coastal zone of the lower Saint- Lawrence River. Seaweed is known for its powerful antioxidant molecules, which fight against the thickening of the skin and the loss of elasticity, two factors that cause fine lines and wrinkles.

All Mériance products are developed in Canada by leaders in marine science research, specifically in anti-aging molecules. Every product is hypoallergenic, and does not contain parabens, sulfates, colorants, artificial fragrances or mineral oils. Mériance products are not tested on animals. You can read more about their involvement in innovative marine biotechnology on the Science page of their website.

This blog post and all products are sponsored by Mériance.

Mériance_anti_aging_skin_care _Collagen_Botox_Canadian_Canada_Beauty_Blog_Blogger_Chantsy

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