Ottawa & Toronto Givopoly Giveaway: WINNER!

And the WINNER of the Givopoly Giveaway is…. KATIE V.! Congrats!Givopoly contest winner

This is what Katie wanted to treat herself with, and now she can!

Truffle box Givopoly Toronto

It’s so ironic that I gave Katie the funniest comment title. It’s like I knew she would win. But I promise the winner was selected at random!

Katie, if you are out there, please contact me for your promo code and TREAT YO SELF gurl!

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Ottawa & Toronto GIVEAWAY: Treat Yo Self with Givopoly!


It’s no surprise that I suffer from a little motivational syndrome called TREAT YO SELF. The syndrome became apparent, when I immediately connected with Episode 4, Season 4 of Parks and Recreation, a.k.a the “Treat yo self day” episode. Here’s a clip of the script, for your reading pleasure. It will also add some context to this post.

Tom Haverford: Once a year, Donna and I spend a day treating ourselves. What do we treat ourselves to?

Donna Meagle: Clothes.

Tom Haverford: Treat yo self.

Donna Meagle: Fragrances.

Tom Haverford: Treat yo self.

Donna Meagle: Massages.

Tom Haverford: Treat yo self.

Donna Meagle: Mimosas.

Tom Haverford: Treat yo self.

Donna Meagle: Fine leather goods.

Tom Haverford: Treat yo self!

Donna Meagle: It’s the best day of the year.

Tom HaverfordDonna Meagle: The best day of the year!


Here are my top 5 reasons to Treat-yo-self:

  1. Live in the Now
  2. Celebrate small victories
  3. Live today like it’s your last day
  4. You work hard, you deserve it
  5. Gotta have it all…NOW

Disclaimer- I am by no means a financial planner and absolve myself from any fiduciary responsibilities, so please “treat yo self” with caution.

About the GIVEAWAY

I am thrilled to partner with Givopoly, an online gifting company that knows a thing or two about the “Treat Yo Self” movement. What makes me even happier about this Giveaway is that the contest is open to both residents of Toronto and Ottawa, because Givopoly is slowly expanding across Canada! Yay, that’s more people who can treat themselves with local gifts!

Here are top 5 reasons why I love Givopoly:

  1. Convenient gifting and delivery service- Treat Yo Self!
  2. Excellent customer service- Treat Yo Self!
  3. Awesome selection of local gifts- Treat Yo Self!
  4. Free birthday cupcake!!- Treat Yo Self!
  5. Support local small businesses- Treat Yo Self!

The Prize- Givopoly is graciously giving away a $50 “Treat Yo Self” shopping spree to one lucky winner! Winner will be announced on November 30 2015.

GIVEAWAY Instructions

  1. Visit the Givopoly website and chose a gift you would send yourself. Note that the item you select does not have to be in the $50 price range. Simply chose your favourite item.
  2. Tell us in the comments below how you would “Treat Yo Self” with Givopoly and include a link to the item you chose in #1.
  3. Patiently wait until Monday, November 30, where I will announce the lucky winner of the $50 shopping spree.
  4. Contest is open to Toronto and Ottawa residents. Only one entry per person.
  5. Always “Treat Yo Self”.

I love this “Harper Bracelet” by Leah Alexandra- Treat Yoself!

buy all the gifts

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