Transformation: Why vacationing scares me

Well here we are, it’s January 2016, exactly one year since I started my transformation journey. I just came back from a one week all-inclusive vacation in Cancun, and my worst nightmare has finally set in. I have no joke, gained 12 pounds. It all spiralled downhill since the Christmas celebrations in December. How could I have let this happen?

I promised I would be good. No desserts, no fried or breaded foods, light on the drinks. I got this. Nope. I was on a rampage, and could not help myself. I overindulged, over ate and over celebrated every, single, day. Now I am embarrassed, ashamed and I feel defeated. I need to find that motivation again. And fast!

“Tomorrow – I’m gonna have salad”, that’s been my mantra over the last year when I had a bad food day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed with food, it’s just that I’ve worked so hard to get where I am and all it took was a lousy glutinous week down south to ruin me! The worst part is the food wasn’t even that great. I mean, not really calorie worthy, ja feel?

I tried to be somewhat active. Went for walks, played beach volleyball, participated in the group Zumba class, floated in the water… but it was not nearly enough movement.

I just feel so bloated, and swollen. I feel like the combination of flying and sun does that to you. Maybe it’s from the plane ride? I am so scared to get weighed it at Weight Watchers… I feel like I need a good week to cleans the bad habits out of my system. You know, like “I’ll have the water and salad, hold the dressing” kinda meals for 7 days, while I quiver and sweat out the excess lard through my pores #Rehabstyle.

I know I can do this! I just need some motivation from you, my readers. I also have a new pair jeans I bought last month, I should use them as a motivational tool. They were the smallest size I’ve ever owned… I hope I can squeeze back into them soon. I won’t even try until I lose a few pounds. It would just be too cruel to do it now.

Other than that, my trip was excellent. Lots of relaxing, unplugging and creating of memories with my family.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Just needed to vent. ?

Strategically placed behind my husband and sucking in the tummy- the only way to take a photo in my bathing suit! Also, in this pic I’m wearing an Addition Elle bra as a bikini top (it’s on sale now!)! It’s so supportive, fun and comfortable.

PS- Please do not take this post as an opportunity to sell me any weight loss regimes, products or services. I am so tired of being bombarded with sales pitches, because I choose to talk about my weight. I got this. Thanks!

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The irony of self-acceptance


Dear girlfriends,

The struggle is real and we are all partly to blame. Why oh why do we put these pressures on ourselves? Why are we preoccupied or envious of how others live in their own skin?

I’m talking about self-acceptance and the delecate balance between having enough self-esteem and being confident without coming across as self-absorbed. As the chart above demonstrates… It’s a fine line.

I experience this quite often and wonder to myself if my confidence can sometimes comes accross as narcissism. The key is… Stop caring about what others think so much!

I just want to encourage my readers to find ways to feel and be more confident in their look and start accepting themselves for who they are. Life is too short to hide in this darkness. Let’s be honest, it’s so much more fun when we let our hair down and let go!

Have you ever noticed that people with low self esteem are such downers? They are preoccupied with things that you couldn’t even bother to care about. “Does my butt look big in these jeans?” I could care less about your butt, I’m not your friend because of it. Just put your pants on already so we can go out!

On the other side of the spectrum, you might have that friend, you know her, the one that doesn’t give a crap. She’s well spoken, witty as hell and exudes gorgeousness even though she’s a little heavy. Let’s agree to stop judging her and other confident women like her, and learn to emulate their energy. You’ll be happy you did!

When it comes down to it, Demi Lovato said it best “What’s wrong with being confident?” I’ll just leave her sexy video right here…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is something to be thankful for this year!

BE THANKFULI'M NOT SKINNY MODEXLUSIVE.COM Chantal Sarkisian Ottawa Plus-Size Blogger

Note: My “Be Thankful I’m Not Skinny. #perfection” campaign is purely for fun! I hope it motivates you to think the same way about yourself. XOX C

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