Style Profile: Nadine Jacob from Strictly Nadine

I met Nadine last year at a blogger event, and will admit that we connected instantly. Same jokes, same goals (i.e. where’s the free booze?) and same interests. Don’t let her sophisticated style intimidate you, Nadine is a sweet pie, my sister from another mister and most importantly, her blog is all the lols. A must read! I mostly love her use of gifs and memes which depict her tone and mood. Because I love her, and her style, I asked her a few questions.

What’s your passion for fashion?

I really like to have fun with my clothing. Fashion has always been a form of expression for me. It is a way for me to communicate my personality, creativity and mood all at once without having to say a word. All my outfits tell a story.

What XLusive tip can you share?

Get out of your comfort zone! I don’t believe that people should be limited to a specific style or look.. Spice it up a little! So if you ever spot a “cute but not so me” item… Try it on. You might surprised! Plus, it makes shopping at lot more fun and interesting 🙂

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Instagram: @Strictlynadine
Twitter: @Strictlynadine

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STYLE PROFILE: Ashley Beaudin from Fire and Wind Co

Being the social media stalker that I am, I found Ashley online and was so impressed with the work that she does. You have to check out her site! I also liked her style (and frame of mind) so I asked her some questions.

What’s your passion for fashion?

I am all about the colour! Give me all things bright and fun. It makes me feel good wearing clothes that are similar to the way I approach life — with a whole lot of joy!

What XLusive tip can you share?

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Never think to yourself that you can’t wear something because of your body type! You can wear anything you want! Rules were made to be broken.

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Ashley Beaudin Fire and Wind Co Plus Size Blogger
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Style Profile: Amanda Montgomery from Latest Wrinkle

The other day, I was reminded by my dear friend Katie (from Yow City Style) to just go for it! I am a go-getter by nature (obvi… have you read the rest of my blog!), but sometimes I am reminded of what it feels like to be rejected and so I avoid doing things. Well, I put myself out there and finally reached out to my curvy crush Amanda of Latest Wrinkle in Toronto, because I wanted to feature her in my Style Profile series. Well, guys, she got back to me! I wonder if I swayed her by dopping the “I’m also from T.O.” line! hahaha

I highly urge you to check out her Instagram as well… this woman knows what she is doing!

What’s your passion for fashion?
Style has always intrigued me. Fashion is the form of art that I most relate to. I love nothing more than storytelling by styling unique pieces together, playing with lines, silhouettes, and colour stories. What truly brings me the most joy is finding new ways to style something that’s been in my closet for years.
What XLusive tip can you share?
My favourite ‘tip’ that I have learned over the years, isn’t really a ‘tip’ at all, it’s actually to forget rules all together! Find what you love, what makes you exited and feel beautiful, and forget everything you have been told, and just rock it!
Oh also, print mixing makes life more enjoyable!

Amanda Montgomery LATEST WRINKLE Canadian Curvy Plus-Size Fashion BloggerStay Social with Amanda!

Twitter: @amanda_monty |
Snapchat: @latestwrinkle
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Style Profile: Emilie Gagnon from Dear Emilie G

Emilie and I found each other on Instagram. It’s not everyday you meet a fellow curvy blogger in Ottawa, especially one that shares a similar style and philosophy about embracing your curves. It’s only fitting that I asked Emilie a few questions.

What’s your passion for fashion?

My passion for fashion started as a very young opinionated child who knew what she liked and what she didn’t and who always wanted to be a little bit different. As a curvy girl, it is through fashion that I have learned to love my body, with curves & all. Fashion is my creative escape and helps me express myself and empowers me to strive to be the best version of myself. My passion for fashion stems from the strength it gives me to take on every day with a smile…and a bit of sass!

What XLusive fashion tip can you share?

When going shopping, try on everything. Over time, we have set up rules in our mind deterring us from trying on clothes that we love but “can’t pull of”. You can pull off anything, you just need to love it! Time and time again, I go shopping with friends and family and they convince themselves that some cuts won’t look good on them. With a little push and shove, I make them try it on and they feel great in it. Just trying on something new can make you love yourself a little bit more…imagine how much that little bit accumulates over time!! #bodylove

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Twitter: @dearemilieg
Instagram: @dearemilieg

Dear Emilie G Ottawa Fashion Blogger Mode Xlusive

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