Winter Fashion Street Style Looks- Vintage Fur

I just can’t even… Every time I look at these bright photos, I forget that it’s winter and that we have 50+ cm of snow piled up on the streets.

Amy Symes and I planned this impromptu winter fashion street style session last weekend, at a few different spots in Ottawa. Something I have been meaning to tick off the old “to-do” list. I was so happy to work with her. I have known Amy for just over a year and love her bright, beautiful and crisp photography style. She was a trooper to do this in the cold and managed to stay friends with me, despite her frozen fingers. I, on the other hand was warm! That’s right, my friends… no suffering here! That was the goal of this winter fashion shoot. Some practical styling tips for a true Canadian fashionista, unlike what exists online.

In this photo, I am wearing my favourite pompom tuque from Shepherds, my vintage fur coat and Tory Burch fur boots from The Clothes Secret, black leather gloves from Simons, my bright blue Marc Jacobs back pack from Fashion United, and black leggings from Amazon!

Stay tuned for two more looks from the Winter Fashion Street Style Looks series!

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Daydreaming of Lightweight, Breathable and Trendy Outfits for Summer

On this very cold February morning, I woke up daydreaming about summer to help me beat the cold winter blues.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do love winter – because it’s easy to put a stylish look together with loads of layers and cozy fabrics. My hair is always on point and stays where it should, clothes don’t stick to your sweaty body and statement coats are my life!

As I have said before, even though summer is officially my favourite season, it’s not my favourite when it comes to style. But this season,  I am determined to fall in love with summer again and establish a style that would be elegant and effortless, but more importantly, one that would be perfect for those hot sticky summer days.
By taking on a few traditional summer pieces and adding some trendy items, I have compiled a list of fashion pieces I hope to be rocking soon. And if you struggle in summer as much as I do, then you might want to consider these light, breathable and trendy style items as well.Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 7.31.27 AM
Cotton everything!
From cotton sleeved tank tops to cotton shirt dresses, this material is the go-to fabric for those warm summer days. To take the boredom out of the same old cotton pieces however, I have discovered shirt midi dresses with curved hems for an added touch of style and pairing simple cotton shirts with lace shorts for a more elegant weekday look.

Kaftan dresses
More than just beach wear attire, the kaftan dress has now evolved into the perfect dress to wear everywhere from running errands on a Saturday morning to wearing one for a black tie event. The kaftan silhouette is flattering for any body shape and more than that, its light fabric makes it perfect for those warm summer days when we need to cover up certain problem areas on our body.

Midi pleated skirts
When I want to feel at my most elegant, in something that feels light as air, then I take out my pleated midi skirt. This fashion piece is so on trend, it is light and it is a statement piece so you can keep the rest of your look quite simple.

Scalloped edges
I always love investing in summer whites but this season, rather than going for the usual white summer dresses I have chosen ones with scalloped edges to make a more interesting fashion statement. Scalloped edges are huge, Giambattista Valli’s spring summer collection celebrated this whimsy touch and so should you!

The cold shoulder
Showing off your shoulder is another trend that has made a revival. You can rock this trend by investing in some cold shoulder beach cover ups rather than wearing the usual summer dress or T-shirt. I’d wear a sheer cold shoulder cover up over my patterned bikini, showing the bold patterns of Camilla’s swimwear designs.

Light blouses
When I have to go to the office and opt for a more casual style, I go for light coloured blouses that are loose but still elegant and appropriate for the office. With that, I’ll pair it with fun trousers, maybe in pastel colours, to feel light and fresh even in the workplace

Images via @camillawithlove, Instagram.

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A true look at Canadian Winter Fashion in 2016

If you’re anything like me, getting dressed in the mornings these days, is harder than ever.

Forget trends and style for a minute. What on earth do I wear when there is 2 feet of snow and I don’t want to freeze my buns off, yet still want to look like I am not bundled in a duvet. Although, that sounds amazing.

Feeling uninspired? Me too! I know… Let’s head over to Pinterest!

What in the? How on earth is this “winter fashion”? I mean, yes, these are my #winterfashiongoals but so not functional.

Then I get photos like this…


Gorgeous 😍 I love it. I can totally shovel my driveway in those heels. I’ll skip the sox too… That’s extra laundry and plus, having feelings in your ankles is so 2015.

You catch my drift. I love all these inspirational pictures, but that’s what they are, inspiration. Also, the bare minimum to qualify for a winter fashion image requires a tiny big of snow on the ground.

There isn’t much available online that depicts what true fashionistas are sporting on the snowy slushy streets of  Canada. It’s also important to note that we, as Canadian fashion bloggers, have a duty to report on what true Canadian Fashion trends look like in 2016. I want to see boots, scarves, mittens, hats, parkas… The whole nine yards.

I found these pictures that make a bit more sense…


Have fun this winter. Stay warm and gorgeous!

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Famous Plus Size Fashion Models in the Media

Georgina Burke Torrid 2016 Plus Size fashion model Rebel Wilson
Georgina Burke for Torrid 2016 Rebel Wilson Collection

Georgina Burke Torrid 2016 Plus Size fashion model Swimwear bathingsuit model
Georgina Burke for Torrid 2016 Swimwear line

After the convoluted debacle of Calvin Klein’s new plus size model, I decided to curate some of the most talked about and famous Plus Size Model photos in the media.

Who are my favourite plus size fashion models?

My favourite plus size models include Georgina Burke, Ashley Graham, Barbie Ferreira, Tara Lynn, Tess Holliday, Nadia Aboulhosn and Tanesha Awasthi.

Who are my favourite plus size bloggers?

That’s easy! Lately, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish models from influencers and bloggers. Many of plus size models started their careers as plus size bloggers, like Nadia Aboulhosn and Tanesha Awasthi. I love seeing them work as influencers and models for major retail brands, it makes the clothing more accessible. Some of my favourite plus-size bloggers include Nicolette Mason, GabiFresh, Candice Huffine, and Katia from Lapiz of Luxury.

Let’s start with Barbie Ferreira who is taking over the curvy fashion scene and proving to be an inspirational role model to young girls.

Calvin Klein’s new “Plus Size” model. She is a size 10.
Tara Lynn PLus size model
Tara Lynn is a very famous Plus Size Model known for confidently showing skin in a very elegant way.
Victoria secret and Dove campaign
A classic comparison of Victoria Secret Angels vs Real Women
perfect+body+ victoria secret
Another classic comparasson of Victoria Secret Angels vs Real Women
Elle Magazien Justine Legault
Justine Legault Plus Size Model
Ashley Graham Plus Size Model
tess-holliday Famous Plus size model in the media
Tess Holliday (Munster)- First size 22 model to be signed.
popular plus size model lulu bonfils
Lulu Bonfils

I don’t like to think too much into these things. I am just focused on working with my body type and finding outfits that look good on me. Good luck on your plus size fashion journey and do make sure you share your secrets!

xox Chantsy

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