Chanty’s gift guide: last-minute beauty products every girl needs in her Christmas stockings

Hold the phone- it’s Christmas in 6 sleeps and I still haven’t done all my shopping! Yikes, talk about last-minute. Am I alone here, or what?

Personally, it’s not the shopping that takes time, it’s the thinking process. I actually take more time to choose the right gift for the person, because I believe strongly in the ‘thought’ that counts part. You will never see me aimlessly wandering the malls, looking for that perfect gift. I do a LOT of research online to find neat gift ideas, whether it’s the latest in gadget trends or even innovative beauty products that I could buy someone or put on my Christmas list.

Here are my top 12 last-minute beauty products that every girl needs in her Christmas stocking

  1. Seche vite fast drying nail polish top coat. I am obsessed with this stuff and would never apply polish without it.
  2. Dry shampoo is my go-to between washing my hair. I always stock up!
  3. EOS Christmas lip balm is always a fun and inexpensive gift we all need this time of year. I love that you don’t have to touch the product and I enjoy the shape of the ball when you apply. My son loves this stuff too… only mint flavour though (like his mommy!). Check out the 2016 limited edition holiday gift set.
  4. Konjac sponge are the best way to make your facial cleanser last long. It helps with the exfoliation process and doesn’t make a mess when you’re washing your face.
  5. Oval brushes are the lates thing in beauty tutorial videos. They look so soft. I haven’t used them, but I know everyone swears by them. I would love a kit for Christmas!
  6. Face masks are always fun and promote self-care and me-time. There are lots of options like natural Yllo Tumeric Scrub (made in Ottawa!) a more pharmaceutical grade For Beloved One Bio-Cellulose Mask or the new “biore strip” of face masks Black Mud Suction Face Mask.
  7. Hair Straightener in the shape of a brush is my new post-blowdrying routine. I love mine. It helps with getting rid of frizz, without over straightening my hair.
  8. Chrome nail polish kit is something I would love to get. I always do my nails at home, so this is better suited for the DIY manicurist.
  9. Cuticle oil is not very fancy, but in our dry Canadian winter weather, our hands can use all the love they can get.
  10. Matte finish top coat is a fun way to turn any nail polish to a matte finish. Again, loads of fun for the DIY manicurist.
  11. Body Scrub is essential to keep dry flaky skin looking it’s best throughout the winter months- you can opt for a Coffee Scrub or a locally made scrub in Ottawa called Scrub Inspired.
  12. Skin serum is my favourite thing on earth. I love adding a second layer of moisture on top of my face cream and serum allows me to do this with ease. For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Serum is a great choice or for a more luxurious gift you can splurge on Amore Pacific Serum.

As you may know, I am a huge online shopper, and I realize it’s crunch time, but you still have time to buy-online, and be ready for Christmas. To help you with your shopping, I went cruising on Amazon, and found the links to these gift ideas for the beauty-obsessed gals (or guys!) in your life. (Yes, these are affiliate links, so I can make a tiny commission if you support my suggestions).

And since we are being candid here, I may as well share my ebates referral code, this way you can also make a few dollars while you’re shopping online. I think I made around $50 this time around! They have a huge database, but I typically shop at Amazon, Chapters, Gap, Old Navy, and Hudson’s Bay. I always go to the ebates directory first, before I buy anything online! I have to say, my best scores were when I bought my Mackage purse, my web hosting on Go-Daddy and my holiday trip to Cancun last year. Make money, while spending money is my kind of shopping!

I hope my list was helpful. Let me know what you think of the products I chose, or if you have any that you would recommend.

Photo Credit- Thank you to Debra Cowie Photography for letting me use her lovely image! This was part of her 25 days of Christmas stock photography challenge. You have to follow her Instagram!

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