8 valuable business lessons I learnt from Ottawa Bossbabes

As I wrap-up the first half of year three in my business, I could not help but to look at some of the lessons I learnt from the bossbabes around me over the last years. Some are doing amazing things and achieving great success. To be honest, this post is more for me, as a reminder to keep doing what I love doing in hopes for this to be my full-time business one day (*plants dream seed).

Build something great with your end-vision in mind.

Nikki is an Ottawa mogul who has created success with her recent endeavor Elements, an outdoor hotel and glamping site in Renfrew for luxury campers. I have been following her journey over the last few years and what I noted is that she created a long-term plan and is achieving her goals one by one, while celebrating each milestones.

Make sure you take care of you.

Unofficially, Emilie is my blogging mentor. I look up to her and am in awe of what she has built for herself: a full-time blogging business, super mom skills and she’s a super talented photographer! Regardless of how busy she is, she always provides sound advice with mindfulness and grace. She also reminds me to look after my needs and take care of me first.


Work on your pricing, it’s the hardest part of your business.

Rachela has always been the strategic pricing queen who knows how to build a killer business model and a pricing package that clients won’t be able to resist. This may seem like a small lesson, but it’s the most valuable.


It’s okay to say no.

Now one of Ottawa’s top fashion photographers, Brittany has managed to follow her dreams and build a successful photography business in the city. She taught me a long time ago that it is okay to say no when something is not aligned with your goals, or if the price is not right.

Quality over quantity.

Katie Hession is one of the most creative people in my immediate circle, and has the skill of bringing life and fun to any assignment. She reminds me every day to focus on producing quality work and maximizing opportunities to make things go from good to great.


When you’re good at what you do, you naturally become an expert in your industry.

Catalina is a workhorse who never stops moving and giving! She has taken over the photo booth industry by storm and has managed to become an innovator in her industry. She is not only running multiple businesses, but her talent and creativity have led her to become an expert in her field, where she is now a presenting and guest speaking at international conferences.


It’s okay to be bossy.

Lisa, a.k.a. Ms. Bossy Pants, uses the tough love approach and I couldn’t agree more with her philosophy and discipline. Running a business is serious work and if you want to be successful, you have to sweat. Work hard; play hard. Am I right?


You can run the world and still be a nice person.

Michelle is the kindest, most generous and giving person… but don’t mistaken her for being a push-over! This girl knows what she wants and will work hard to get it! I have followed Michelle’s journey from the day she opened her salon, and her story is absolutely inspiring!

Do you have any Ottawa boss babes that inspire you? Tell me about them!

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