5 telltale signs I was destined to be a fashion blogger

I never thought I would be a fashion blogger. Really. Even though all the signs were there, it’s something I thought I sort of fell into or grew to become.

But the truth is, everything we do has a purpose or a reason in life. And, all our experiences help us get to the next step, whether it be in our career or personal lives.

Looking back, there are 5 telltale signs that I was destined to be a fashion blogger.

  1. I binge-watched shows like America’s Next Top Model and What Not to Wear. That was my fashion school.
  2. I had a diary that I wrote in almost every day. Man, I loved that thing!
  3. I used to collect fashion magazines and create collages for all my school binders!
  4. I was a shopaholic since I had my first job at 14 years old! I have bought everything I own for myself ever since.
  5. I was an overachiever in high school: I aced my classes, played sports, had a job after school and on weekend, went to army cadets once a week, babysat on weekends and partied like a rock star!


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