Arroh & bow: A laundry list of ways to wear one infinity dress

I was gifted this beautiful Arroh & Bow infinity dress from the lovely owner of The Handmade Bride in the Byward Market. Meagan wanted to see how I would style the Coralie Short Infinity Dress in Stone. These dresses are quite popular in the wedding scene, but they are extremely versatile and can be worn pretty much anywhere. Yes… even in a laundromat! haha

Let me tell you, my photographer Kamara Morozuk and I had a blast shooting this. I got permission from the sweet old couple of the Old Ottawa South Laundromat, and they looked at me with eyes crossed when I asked them. They were probably thinking I was out of my mind… but when you have a vision, you go with it! So here I am nonchalantly posing for the camera, and ignoring the dude reading his paper or the young lady folding her laundry in a hurry.

How I styled my Arroh & Bow Infinity Dress

There are an infinite amount of ways to wrap this dress. You can wear it strapless, one shoulder, thin straps, thick straps, you get the picture. But, I opted to create an off-the-shoulder look, since it’s quite the rage right now. I thought I invented this style but Meagan tells me it’s been done, but it’s not a very popular look… YET! haha

I paired my dress with my vintage Wrangler denim jacket from Preloved Toronto, my fishnet socks  and mules from L’Intervalle.

Steps to tie the dress:

  1. Tie a knot with the two straps over your chest.
  2. Flatten each strap and place over your shoulders.
  3. Wrap the straps around your waist twice.
  4. Tie a bow at the back with the rest of the straps.

The dress comes with a bandeau which helps cover your strapless bra. The fabric is super light and bouncy and the colour I chose is very versatile. I am wearing a size M, since the dresses run a little on the large side. I also had it hemmed about 2 inches, for a more flirty and casual look. I recommend wearing compression undergarments for a more sleek look, especially if you get a light-coloured dress.

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