Almost Famous: What I wore to the JUNOs from Place D’Orleans

The 2017 Juno Awards came to a close a few weeks ago, and I am still feeling the buzz. I couldn’t be happier to take part in the action and I am so blessed to have partnered with Place D’Orleans for the entire campaign.

On March 3rd, I presented a fashion TV segment “Dress like a JUNOs star with Place D’Orleans” on CTV Morning Live and that day, launched a contest on my Instagram account to win 2 tickets to the Junos, two $100 gift cards to Place D’Orleans and two VIP gift cards at Hai Republic for the lucky winners!

This is Vero and Jaqueline, the winners of the contest! They got floor tickets! They also look amazing in their new Place D’Orleans get up and Hair Republic makeovers!
Photo Credit Kim Ing


What I wore to the JUNOs 

When I put my outfit together at Place D’Orleans, I was going for a ‘Rockstar Journalist’ style. The leather jacket, bell-bottom cutoff jeans and embroidered guitar strap bag were definitely key elements to nailing this look. Albeit I didn’t get to interview any artists, or meet any in person, seeing them walk by in the media space was a pretty surreal experience.

It sounds silly, but I didn’t take any pictures of the celebrities I saw, because you have to keep your cool in the media room. It’s an unspoken rule, you know? I saw the Trudeaus, Brian Adams, Billy Talent, Marianna’s Trench and a whole bunch of E! Talk folks.

Regardless of this being a red carpet event, musicians always stay true to their style and opt for a practical yet glam look on stage and on the carpet. I used that philosophy to inspire my look. Being a blogger behind-the-scenes at events can seem glamorous, but it’s a lot of work and there is lots of running around, so I wanted to be comfortable and stylish. I got my entire look from Hudson’s Bay at Place D’Orleans.


My hair was coloured and cut at Hair Republic, where I quickly ran into the girls getting ready!

Photography credit Kamara Morozuk.


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