QUIZ: What’s your cannabis style?


QUIZ: What's your cannabis style?

As of October 17, 2018, cannabis will officially be legal in Canada. But the real question is, what type of cannabis consumer are you and how does it reflect on your personal style? I’ve put together this short fun quiz to see if there’s a correlation.

#Realtalk For more official and serious information, visit the Government of Canada’s website to learn more about Cannabis in Canada.

Take the Cannabis style quiz now!

Your favourite type of sneaker is...

What’s your snack of choice?

Your favourite store is...

Never leaves the house without...

The brand you relate to the most is...

What’s your most coveted beauty secret?

The most expensive thing you own is your

Do you currently use cannabis?

Who is your boy band crush?

Your female icon is...

Pick your poison.

Are you currently investing in cannabis?

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