Sephora Sale Canada 2018 + PROMO CODES: What I would buy again & new products I am dying to try


I often get asked what are my favourite beauty products, and this is probably one of the hardest questions for me to answer. I get to try out so many great products and brands, mostly new products that are coming to market, and so many of them have their unique benefits and best times to be used. To help you shop the Beauty Insider and VIB Sephora Sale in Canada happening in November 2018, I put together a list of products that I have used and would buy again. I have also included my personal Sephora wish list filled with new products that I want, products that I am dying to try, or products that are currently sitting in my cart! So keep reading if you are curious or if you want inspo on how to shop the Sephora sale! Bonus- keep reading until the end to see my 10 tips on how to shop the Sephora Sale Canada 2018.

First things first, here are the Sephora Sale Canada 2018 PROMO CODES and dates.

VIB ROUGE: October 26-29 and November 2-5 20% Off ➡ use code: ROUGEBONUS
VIB DATES: November 9-12  20% Off ➡ use code: VIBBONUS
BeautyInsider : November 16-19 15% Off ➡️ use code:BIBONUS


Sephora Sale Canada 2018- My favourite products that I would buy again


Sephora Sale Canada 2018- New products I am dying to try


My 10 tips on how to shop the Sephora Sale Canada 2018

    1. Look out for sets. They are a great way to try new products (most come with smaller sizes) and you end up saving a little money.
    2. Keep a list on hand for things that you need, want and need to replace.
    3. Start filling your cart early… before buying day, this way you will have a more efficient purchase (in case the site crashes the internet!)
    4. Use sites like first, then visit the Sephora site through ebates, to make extra cash on your purchases!
    5. Use your points wisely! If nothing tickles your fancy, keep your points and save for the VIB 500 pt gifts! On your birthday, rather than a gift, opt for more points to save up.  The gifts are way worth it. I got a Fresh beauty set and Ouai hair set by being patient!
    6. Place a calendar reminder or phone alert on sale day!
    7. The fall Sephora sale is a great time to get some shopping done for the holidays and gift giving.
    8. Don’t buy more just to qualify for VIB or VIB rouge, but if you can consolidate your purchases by only shopping at Sephora so you can get the status faster. The rewards program is pretty incredible.
  1. Always look out for freebies and promotions. You can only redeem one freebie, so make it count!
  2. Online shopping is ridiculously fast and gives you waaaaay more free stuff! So go in store, test out colours, make a list and buy online!

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