Fall inspired XL fashion



I love Fall for so many reasons, the colourful weather, the bountiful harvest and of course the cozy fashion!

I always tell people that Fall time is so easy to dress for. No more sweaty skin, frizzy hair or showing off unflattering body parts like my giggly arms. Finally, we get to take out our cozy sweaters that have been waiting oh-so-patiently in our closets. We reorganize our scarves, sort through our boots and get inspired by new accessories like hats and mittens.

This year I am particularly excited because hats are in and I found a gorgeous one! I never thought I’d look good in a hat, but here’s a glimpse…


Not. Too. Shabby. I bought my hat at the “Cloakroom” on Yonge street, just south of St-Clair. They have curated such a simple yet versatile collection of hats, Sunnies, jewelry, rain coats and sweaters. It’s a must if you’re in the area.

The two outfits I’m sharing above are a few of my Fall faves!
– Ripped boyfriend jeans, green flats and an Aztec sweater perfect for a cold Sunday stroll.
– Tight black trousers, black heeled booties, white collar button-up shirt topped with a knit t-shirt is the perfect polished preppy look for a casual business meeting.

I love layering, as you can see. It helps with climate control (for someone who gets warm easily) and also helps cover our not-so-favourite spots.

So tell me, what’s your favourite must-have this season?

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