H&M plus sizes… You’re welcome

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, H&M is not only available in Ottawa, but the Oh-so-sad Place d’Orleans carries a wide range of collections including the coveted Plus sizes!

I’ve been shopping H&M for over 11 years now, during my frequent visits to Toronto to see the family. I used to get away with finding plenty of size 16, until they recently pulled it off their shelves. I. Died.

What am I supposed to wear now? Where can I find cute, affordable, fashion forward clothes? Well, thankfully I found Forever 21+ in the meantime, which has an edgier feel, but that is neither here, no there.

All this to say, get your butt to H&M in Orleans and find yourself a sweet outfit that makes you feel good. Warning: not much selection… Sadly 🙁

I find that since they removed size 16, now size 14 is very hard to find. It’s like.. “Just make more people!!”. Take all the leftover size 4 and 6 and make a decent piece of clothing for us XLusive girls!

Hope you enjoyed my XLusive secret for today! Please share this with other gals and don’t forget to “like” my Facebook page!


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