Guess who’s the official brand ambassador for Hair Republic Beauty Lounge Ottawa Salon and Spa?


You guessed it folks, me! I mean, I have been an unofficial brand ambassador for Hair Republic Beauty Lounge Ottawa salon and spa since the beginning of time, but it feels so good to finally put it on paper (or on the blog, that is!). Before we start, I want to thank you for clicking and reading more about this partnership… with these awesome promotion codes!

For Hair services- new clients use CHANTSY10 to save 10% off

For Spa services- all clients use code CHANTSY20 to save 20% off

Ok, now that the promo codes are out of the way, I can walk you through what a typical day at Hair Republic looks like for me before I am headed to a photo shoot. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I love getting pampered… but you have to be a logistics expert to make the most out of your time at the salon. Luckily, Hair Republic is particularly good at juggling multiple salon appointments in one day and can easily book you a mani, pedi and blowdry back-to-back, while staying on time! I also love their automated email system that confirms appointments and the friendly calls they make to remind you of them.

Spa Services

New to the HR family for just over a year is the recently expanded beauty lounge. This full-service spa has been a godsend for Old Ottawa South. Finally, a professional one-stop-shop beauty destination that is close to my house, eco conscious and absolutely lovely to visit. Hair Republic uses only top quality products for everything, including the professional Dermalogica line for spa services and Jane Iredale for makeup services. Hair Republic Beauty Lounge Ottawa Salon and SpaHair Republic Beauty Lounge Ottawa Salon and Spa Ottawa-Hair-Salon-Spa-Day-Fashion-Blog-Beauty-Blogger-Hair-Republic-Chantsy

The HR beauty lounge is particularly known for their orgasmic facials, lash extensions, lash perms and tinting. If you’re curious about prices, you can hop on their site for a complete list of spa services.

Nothing says relaxation like a good old fashioned manicure. I usually get a gel manicure (shellac) because it lasts way longer and dries instantly! Lately, I started getting it on my toes as well, which has been a game changer.

Hair Republic Beauty Lounge Ottawa Salon and Spa manicure shellac

My favourite part of the entire process is getting the hand massage during the manicure and legs scrub during the pedicure. The most challenging part though is choosing a colour and resisting the tickling of the feet!

When it comes to colour, I typically alternate from light to dark at each visit. I am a sucker for OPI’s Big Apple Red (hands) and Lincoln Park After Dark (toes).

Salon Services

HR is a busy and bustling place, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, the salon is always buzzing. If I am not on my phone, or chatting away with my stylist (I’m seeing Kim right now!), you can find me eavesdropping on people’s conversations and also adding my own two cents to it! So what? I might be a bit nosy. The entire experience is just entertaining for me, and it’s the right place to get social. You can network like crazy in a salon… I dare you to try it.

My favourite part of getting my hair done is getting a good head scrub and massage, and that bouncy feeling after your blowout is done. My least favourite part is waiting 3 hours for the colour to work its magic. But I am a patient lady.

Peek-a-boo! Bethany snaps a mirror selfie! Hair Republic Beauty Lounge Ottawa Salon and Spa

After every hair appointment, I love to peruse the product section and learn about the latest and greatest, or simply buy everything they used on me that day to get my hair looking great. Buy purple shampoo to keep the gold out of my blonde and when blow drying my hair I need to use a boar bristle brush for a smooth finish. All these amazing tips I have learned from the pros!

My first time at Hair Republic

I don’t recall ever sharing this story, but I wanted to talk about how I met Michelle Nguyen, the ownwer, almost six years ago.

I used to work on Sunnyside a while back, and always hoped for more interesting businesses to open on Bank Street. When I saw that construction was finally done on 1093 Bank street, I peeked through the windows and walked into the shop to see what was up (By the way, I do this a lot, and you should too. Be curious people!!) Later on, I learned that Michelle referred to me as the neighbourhood stalker… not my choice of words… but I get it! haha

To my surprise, when I walked in, it was a hair salon, and a gorgeous one I might add. It had the industrial chic look I was used to (similar to the salon I used to go to in Toronto) and affiliated to a high-quality professional product line. I met Michelle that day and we chatted for a bit. She was super friendly, and we hit it off, right away. Later on, I arranged to interview her and write a blog post about her business on a local blog, Local Tourist Ottawa.

Michelle’s story was completely inspiring. A young girl, my age, owning a business, chasing her passion, raising money for charity and had an entire team behind her. She’s really been the inspirational force behind me, encouraging me to do more than work a corporate job. Fast forward six years later, and here we are working together. I just couldn’t be happier to support my friend as her business keeps growing!

Michelle- love you like a sister, girl XOX.

Hair Republic Beauty Lounge Ottawa Salon and Spa Fashion blogger Chantsy Photo credit Bethany Amanda Photography.

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