Try this Vichy moisture cocoon routine for your dry skin this winter

This time of the year calls for the “Dryfecta”. It’s a brutal combination of the cold weather, the dry air from indoor heating and if you’re fortunate enough, post-vacation suntanned skin. That’s what I have right now. I just came back from my trip to Hawaii and I am in dire need of Vichy’s moisture cocoon routine to nurture and hydrate my dry skin back to good vibrant health. With a combination of drinking loads of water (using a fun bottle of course!), blasting a humidifier in every room, and hitting “loop” on my Vichy routine… I think I got this!

Beat dry skin this winter- try my Vichy moisture cocoon routine!

Vichy Hand & Nail Cream

This Vichy Hand & Nail Cream ( approximately $10 for 40ml) is everything your skin desires and more. Although the skin on my hands has been exfoliated to death by the sand, my hands have never been so soft, but my scaly skin is starting to show and I need all the moisture I can get to preserve the softness. This cream is doing just that for me. It’s a great size for my purse and it also has that lovely clean Vichy scent!

Vichy Spa Shower Gel-Cream

I feel like a queen when I use this rich Vichy Spa Shower Gel-Cream (approximately $17 for 200ml). My husband once smelled my shoulder and was like “yum, what is that smell?”… now that’s a compliment I will never forget! He never does that sort of thing. I brought this on my trip and used it sparingly… I love it so much and I don’t want it to finish 🙁

Vichy Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet

I have been slathering this Vichy Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet all over my body after my shower, especially after I shave my legs. It’s so decadent and smells amazing! It also has this lovely shine to it, like micro sparkles! Nothing makes my tanned legs look better. Now, if I can only find a place to show them off in the winter… the gym it is then :S

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